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Mike Clancy

Senior Lecturer
EECS Computer Science Division
UC Berkeley

Mike Clancy

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closed lab paper

I won a campus award for mentoring GSIs in 2004. Here is the personal statement I submitted for the award.

Undergraduate advising

The L&S peer advisors have compiled a bunch of information on declaring a CS major or minor in L&S, and then on coping once you're declared. Some of this information is also useful to EECS majors.

ASSIST records equivalence agreements between community colleges and University of California campuses. Use their web site to determine how courses you've taken at community colleges match up with our lower-division requirements.

Here is an online copy of the EECS Undergraduate Notes.

Eta Kappa Nu is the EECS honor society. They (along with their counterparts in Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the CS honor society) provide tutoring and advising services. They also conduct course surveys each semester for all EECS and CS classes, and maintain data bases of evaluation ratings and old exams.

Instructors for fall and spring sections are generally determined around February. Drafts of teaching schedules are available here.

Computer science education

ACM, the primary professional society for computer scientists, has a number of Special Interest Groups. The one I'm most active in is SIGCSE, the Special Interest Group in CS Education. SIGCSE publishes a twice-yearly bulletin named Inroads, along with proceedings of the annual Symposium on CS Education and the annual conference on Innovation and Technology in CS Education (ITiCSE).

The Nifty Assignments web site contains neat assignments for introductory and intermediate programming courses. Every year, educators submit their favorite assignments; the best are chosen for the Nifty site, and presented by their proposers at the annual SIGCSE symposium.

Teaching in general

The campus GSI Teaching and Resource Center runs the semesterly orientation conference for new teaching assistants, and also organizes workshops on various aspects of teaching each year. The Center's office is 301 Sproul; it's a home for friendly and knowledgeable staff, and houses a library of books, articles, videos, and other reference materials on teaching.

Tomorrow's Professor is a mailing list that distributes two articles about some aspect of higher education each week. The articles are excerpted from a variety of sources. Their web site, which archives past articles, is here.

Macintosh resources

MacFixit is a wonderful source of guidance for how to fix problems with Macintosh software or hardware. I check it every day, just to keep up with things that are causing people trouble.

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