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Mike Clancy

Senior Lecturer
EECS Computer Science Division
UC Berkeley

Mike Clancy

What I do, and how to contact me

Besides teaching and advising, I coordinate the lower-division courses in the Computer Science Division and co-manage the CS self-paced courses. I am also the director of the UC-WISE project, exploring the use of computing technology to provide hands-on lab-based instruction in the lower-division programming courses.

My office is 779 Soda, phone (510) 642-7017. The best way to contact me is by email:
clancy at cs dot berkeley dot edu
I'll be in and out over the summer.

Some alternate contacts are the following:

Administrative Assistant
  Jenny Jones
  339 Soda
  jennyj at eecs dot berkeley dot edu
  (510) 642-9044
  Administrative Assistant
  Audrey Raya
  385 Soda
  araya at cs dot berkeley dot edu
  (510) 642-7699
  Grant Administrator
  Willa Walker
  784 Soda Hall
  willa at erso dot berkeley dot edu
  (510) 643-2568

Web links: Brian Harvey and Dan Garcia (the other two CS Lecturers), the CS Division web site, and the U.C. Berkeley web site.

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