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Index of Defined Procedures

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This index lists example procedures whose definitions are in the text and procedures that you are asked to write in the text. The general index lists technical terms and primitive procedures.

(The HTML version doesn't tell you book page numbers; instead it directs you to the Web page(s) containing the references. Once you get to the page, ask your browser to find the text you want in that page.)


#gather Ch6
#test Ch6
#test2 Ch6
&test Ch6
@test Ch6
@test2 Ch6
@try.pred Ch6
^test Ch6

abs Ch6
accept Ch1
acceptpart Ch1
addchild Ch3
addnumbers Ch4
ageify Ch6
ageprob Ch6
agepron Ch6
agesen Ch6
agewhen Ch6
always Ch6
anyof Ch6
anyof1 Ch6
areacode Ch3
arglist Ch5 Ch1
arraysize Ch5
arraytype Ch5
arrow.stub Ch1
arrowhead Ch1
arrows.from.start Ch1
arrowtail Ch1
arrowtext Ch1
article Ch6

balance Ch3
balance1 Ch3
bkt1 Ch6
blank Ch1
blockbody Ch5
bracket Ch6

cap Ch6
cards Ch4
category Ch2
change.head Ch1
changeone Ch6
changes Ch6
changes1 Ch6
changes2 Ch6
changes3 Ch6
check.nd Ch1
check.type Ch5
children Ch3
choose Ch2
cities Ch3
cities1 Ch3
city Ch3
cleanup Ch2
code Ch5
codeload Ch5
codestore Ch5
combs Ch2
commalist Ch5
compound Ch5 Ch1
copyarray Ch5
cub.reporter Ch2

datum Ch3
deck Ch4
denom Ch6
depunct Ch6
determine Ch1
differ Ch2
differ1 Ch2
display Ch1
distribtimes Ch6
distribx Ch6
divterm Ch6
dlm Ch6

equiv Ch2
exch Ch4
exit Ch5
exp.mode Ch5
exp.type Ch5
exp.value Ch5
expand Ch2
expression Ch5
expt Ch6

f Ch2 , Ch4
fact Ch2 , Ch4
fact.seq Ch4
factor Ch6
factor1 Ch6
factor2 Ch6
falses Ch2
falsify Ch2
female Ch2
finddatum Ch3
finddelim Ch6
finddelim1 Ch6
findfalse Ch2
findkey Ch6
findtrue Ch2
fix.arrows Ch1 Ch2
frame.outerframe Ch5
frame.prevframe Ch5
frame.retaddr Ch5 Ch5
fsm Ch1
fsm1 Ch1
fsmnext Ch1
fsmtest Ch1
function Ch5

game Ch1
get Ch2
getchar Ch5
geteqns Ch6
getid Ch5
gettype Ch5
guess.middle.value Ch3

haltp Ch1
hanoi Ch4
haspair Ch3
highbranch Ch3
howmany Ch3

id Ch5
id.lname Ch5
id.pointer Ch5
id.type Ch5
idioms Ch6
ifbe Ch5
ifbeelse Ch5
implies Ch2
implies1 Ch2
in Ch6
increment Ch4
insert Ch1
IntSquare Ch4

jal Ch5
jr Ch5
jump Ch5
jumpf Ch5
jumpt Ch5
justbefore Ch2
justbefore1 Ch2

last2 Ch6
leaf Ch3
leafp Ch3
leaves Ch3
lessthanp Ch3
letter.join Ch1
letterp Ch5
lindex Ch5
lindex1 Ch5
listcity Ch3
lsay Ch6
lname Ch5
locate Ch3 Ch3
locate1 Ch3
lock Ch2
lock1 Ch2
lock2 Ch2
lowbranch Ch3

machine Ch1
make.arrow Ch1
make.machine Ch1
make.stub Ch1
male Ch2
match Ch6
match! Ch6
match# Ch6
match& Ch6
match? Ch6
match@ Ch6
match^ Ch6
maybeadd Ch6
maybemul Ch6
median Ch4
memaddr Ch5
memsetup Ch5
minusin Ch6
movedisk Ch4
movepart Ch1
multi Ch4
mustbe Ch5

nd.traverse Ch1
ndconcat Ch1
ndletter Ch1
ndmany Ch1
ndor Ch1
newarg Ch5
newline Ch5
newlname Ch5
newregister Ch5
newstate Ch1
newtail Ch1
newvar Ch5
nextindex Ch5
nextrow Ch3 , Ch4
nmtest Ch6
nocap Ch6
noimmediate Ch5
nondet Ch1
number Ch5
numtype Ch5

occvar Ch6
offset Ch5
op.instr Ch5
op.nargs Ch5
op0 Ch6
op1 Ch6
op2 Ch6
opdiff Ch6
operatorp Ch6
opform Ch6
oprem Ch6
opsetup Ch5
optest Ch6
optimize Ch1
optimize.state Ch1
or.splice Ch1

parrayassign Ch5
parse.special Ch6
passign Ch5
passign1 Ch5
pboolean Ch5
pchar Ch5
pchardata Ch5
pchecktype Ch5
pclose Ch5
pdata Ch5
peers Ch2
perms Ch2
personp Ch6
pexpr Ch5
pexpr1 Ch5
pexprop Ch5
pfor Ch5
pfuncall Ch5
pfunset Ch5
pgetbinary Ch5
pgetunary Ch5
pif Ch5
pinteger Ch5
plibrary Ch5
plural Ch6
pnewtype Ch5
popen Ch5
posspro Ch6
ppopop Ch5
pproccall Ch5
pproccall1 Ch5
prans Ch6
pranswers Ch6
preal Ch5
prematch Ch6
prepeat Ch5
proc1 Ch5
procarg Ch5
procargs Ch5
procarrayarg Ch5
procedure Ch5
procvararg Ch5
program Ch5
program1 Ch5
pronoun Ch6
prun Ch5
prun1 Ch5
psort Ch3 , Ch4
psort1 Ch3
pstringassign Ch5
pstringassign1 Ch5
putch Ch5
putint Ch5
putreal Ch5
putstr Ch5
puttf Ch5
pwhile Ch5
pwrite Ch5
pwrite1 Ch5
pwrite2 Ch5
pwrite3 Ch5
pwriteln Ch5

qset Ch6
quadratic Ch3
quoted Ch6
qword Ch6

range Ch5
range1 Ch5
rc1 Ch5
readnumber Ch4
RealSquare Ch4
realt Ch3 , Ch4
reg.globalptr Ch5
reg.retaddr Ch5
reg.stackptr Ch5 Ch5
regfree Ch5
reject Ch1
remfactor Ch6
remfactor1 Ch6
remop Ch6
remove.once Ch3
reservedp Ch5
reverse Ch3
rload Ch5
rmatch Ch6
roundoff Ch6
runsetup Ch5

say Ch6
says Ch2
senform Ch6
senform1 Ch6 Ch6
set.special Ch6
setindex Ch5
setminus Ch6
settruth Ch2
settruth1 Ch2
showdata Ch4
showdeck Ch4
shuffle Ch4
simdiv Ch6
simone Ch6
simp Ch2
simplex Ch2 , Ch3 , Ch4
simplex.seq Ch4
simplus Ch6
simplus1 Ch6
simplus2 Ch6
simtimes Ch6
simtimes1 Ch6
singular Ch6
skipcomment Ch5
slowsort Ch3
socks Ch2
socktest Ch2
solution Ch2
solve Ch6
solve.reduce Ch6
solve1 Ch2 , Ch6
solveq Ch6
solveq.minus Ch6
solveq.product Ch6
solveq.product1 Ch6
solveq.quotient Ch6
solveq.rplus Ch6
solveq.sum Ch6
solveq.sum1 Ch6
solveq.sum2 Ch6
solveq1 Ch6
solveqboth Ch6
solver Ch6
sort Ch1 , Ch4
spaces Ch5
special Ch6
splice Ch1
square Ch4 , Ch6
ssort Ch3
ssort1 Ch3
startpart Ch1
statement Ch5
store Ch2 , Ch5
string Ch1 , Ch5
stringa Ch1
stringlose Ch5
stub.add Ch1
stub.arrow Ch1
stub.head Ch1
stub.text Ch1
student1 Ch6
student2 Ch6
subord Ch6
subord1 Ch6
substop Ch6
subterm Ch6
sumprods Ch3 , Ch4

t Ch2 , Ch3 , Ch4
targetaddr Ch5
this Ch6
tobool Ch5
token Ch5
token1 Ch5
tower Ch4
tree Ch3
treecity Ch3
treecity1 Ch3
try Ch1
try.pred Ch6
tryidiom Ch6
tryprocpart Ch5
trysolve Ch6
tst.difference Ch6
tst.divby Ch6
tst.lessthan Ch6
tst.minus Ch6
tst.minuss Ch6
tst.numof Ch6
tst.per Ch6
tst.percent Ch6
tst.perless Ch6 Ch6
tst.pluss Ch6
tst.square Ch6
tst.squared Ch6
tst.sum Ch6
tst.times Ch6
tst.tothepower Ch6
twochar Ch5
twoto Ch2
typecheck Ch5

unitstring Ch6

varequal Ch6
vargroup Ch5
varkey Ch6
varpart Ch5
varterms Ch6
vartest Ch6
vartest1 Ch6
verb Ch6
verify Ch2

worldtree Ch3

xor Ch2

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