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General Index

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This index lists technical terms and primitive procedures. There is also an index of defined procedures, which lists procedures whose definitions are in the text and procedures that you are asked to write.

(The HTML version doesn't tell you book page numbers; instead it directs you to the Web page(s) containing the references. Once you get to the page, ask your browser to find the text you want in that page.)


¬ Ch2
Σ Ch2

Abelson, Harold Pref , Ack , Biblio
accepting state Ch1
access, random Ch3
actual argument Ch4
adder Ch2
adder, finite-state Ch1
address Ch3 , Ch5
age problem Ch6
aggregate type Ch4
algebra word problems Ch6
algorithm Ch1 , Ch3 , Ch6
algorithm, two-stack Ch5
algorithms, analysis of Ch3
allocation, dynamic Ch3
alphabet rule Ch1
alternatives rule Ch1
ambiguous Ch5
analysis of algorithms Ch3
analysis, lexical Ch5
Anderson, Chris Ack
apprenticeship Pref
argument, actual Ch4
array Ch4
array, packed Ch4
artificial intelligence Ch6
assembly language Ch5
assignment statement Ch4
Association for Computing Machinery Biblio
association list Ch6
augmented transition network Ch6
automata theory Ch1 , Ch6

background Ch6
backtracking Ch2
balanced tree Ch3
balancing parentheses Ch1
Baldwin, Diane C. Ch2
Beatles Ch2
begin (Pascal) Ch4
Bentley, Jon Biblio
bibliography Biblio
binary computer Ch2
binary number Ch1 , Ch2
binary operator Ch5
binary search algorithm Ch3
binary tree Ch3
binding, call by Ch4
binomial coefficient Ch2
bit Ch1 , Ch2
block structure Ch4
Bobrow, Daniel G. Ack , Ch6
Boolean (Pascal) Ch4
bottom-up Ch4
bound reference Ch4
branch node Ch3
byte Ch3 , Ch4

C Ch5
CAI, intelligent Ch6
call by binding Ch4
call by reference Ch4
call by value Ch4
call, procedure Ch4
category Ch2
char (Pascal) Ch4
checking, compile-time Ch5
Chinese food Ch2
circuit, integrated Ch5
Clancy, Michael Ack
closed form definition Ch2
code generation Ch5
coefficient, binomial Ch2
coefficient, multinomial Ch2
cognitive science Ch6
Colby, Kenneth Ch1
combination Ch2
combination lock Ch2
combinatorics Ch2
common subexpression elimination Ch3
community Pref
compile-time checking Ch5
compiler Ch4
compiler compiler Ch5
compiler, incremental Ch4
compiler, optimizing Ch3
compiler, Pascal Ch5
complexity Pref
composition of functions Ch4
compound proposition Ch2
compound statement Ch4
computer assisted instruction Ch6
computer center Pref
computer hardware Ch2
computer logic Ch2
computer science Pref
computer, binary Ch2
concatenation rule Ch1
conditional statement Ch4
constant string Ch4
constructor Ch3
context, limited Ch6
context-free language Ch6
continuous function Ch2
contradiction, proof by Ch1
contrapositive rule Ch2
correctness Ch3
correspondence, one-to-one Ch2
counting problem Ch2

data structure Ch3
data type Ch4
Davis, Jim Ack
declaration part Ch4
declarative knowledge Ch1
declarative programming Ch4
declarative programming languages Ch1
declarative representation Pref
definition, closed form Ch2
definition, formal Ch5
definition, inductive Ch2 , Ch3
definition, recursive Ch1
descent, recursive Ch5
deterministic grammar Ch5
directed graph Ch1
discrete mathematics Ch2
Dreyfus, Hubert L. Biblio
dyadic Ch5
dynamic allocation Ch3
dynamic environment Ch4 , Ch5
dynamic programming Ch3
dynamic scope Ch4 , Ch5

economics Pref
editor, text Ch1 , Ch4
education Ch6
effective procedure Ch1
efficiency Ch3
elementary function Ch2
elimination rule Ch2
embedding Ch6
end (Pascal) Ch4
engineering, knowledge Ch6
English Ch6
Ennals, Richard Biblio
enumerated type Ch4
environment, dynamic Ch4 , Ch5
environment, lexical Ch4 , Ch5
equation Ch6
equivalence relation Ch2
ethics Pref
exclusive or Ch2
expansion, multinomial Ch3
experimental method Ch2
expert system Ch6
exponential Ch3
expression Ch5
expression, regular Ch1 , Ch5
extensibility Ch4
external memory Ch1

factorial Ch2
fence Ch4
Fermat, Pierre de Ch2
finite-state adder Ch1
finite-state machine Ch1 , Ch5 , Ch6
first Ch3
food, Chinese Ch2
forest Ch3
formal definition Ch5
formal parameter Ch4
formal thinking Pref
for (Pascal) Ch4
frame pointer Ch5
frame, stack Ch5
free reference Ch4
Friedman, Daniel P. Biblio
function, continuous Ch2
function, elementary Ch2
function, generating Ch2
function, predicate Ch2
function, sine Ch2
function, truth-valued Ch2
functional programming Ch4
functions, composition of Ch4
function (Pascal) Ch4

gate Ch2
general knowledge Ch6
generated symbol Ch3 , Ch5 , Ch6
generating function Ch2
generation, code Ch5
global optimization Ch3
global pointer Ch5
Goldenberg, Paul Ack
grammar, deterministic Ch5
grammar, predictive Ch5
graph Ch1
graph, directed Ch1
graphics Pref

half-adder Ch2
halting state Ch1
halting theorem Ch1
Hanoi, Tower of Ch4
hardware, computer Ch2
Harnadek, Anita Ack , Ch2
hash table Ch3
Haynes, Christopher T. Biblio
heap Ch3
heapsort Ch3
heuristic Ch6
hierarchy Ch3
hierarchy, syntactic Ch5
Hilfinger, Paul Ack
Hoare, C. A. R. Ch3
Hofstadter, Douglas R. Biblio

if (Pascal) Ch5
immediate Ch5
implication rule Ch2
incremental compiler Ch4
independent Ch2
index register Ch5
index variable Ch4
individual Ch2
induction, mathematical Pref
inductive definition Ch2 , Ch3
inference system Ch2
inference, rules of Ch2
infinite loop Ch1
infinite set Ch2
insertion sort Ch3
instruction, computer assisted Ch6
integers, sum of the Ch3
integer (Pascal) Ch4
integrated circuit Ch5
intellectual property Pref
intelligence, artificial Ch6
intelligent CAI Ch6
interactive language Ch4
intermediate language Ch4
internal state Ch1
interpreter Ch4
intractable Ch3
inverter Ch2
Iverson, Kenneth E. Ch5

Jensen, Kathleen Biblio
joke Ch3

keyword Ch5
Kleene, Stephen C. Ch1
knowledge engineering Ch6
knowledge representation Ch6
knowledge, declarative Ch1
knowledge, general Ch6
knowledge, procedural Ch1
Knuth, Donald E. Ch3

label Ch5
language, context-free Ch6
language, interactive Ch4
language, intermediate Ch4
language, machine Ch4 , Ch5
language, non-interactive Ch4
last Ch3
leaf node Ch3
lexical analysis Ch5
lexical environment Ch4 , Ch5
lexical scope Ch4
limited context Ch6
linear Ch3 , Ch6
linear search algorithm Ch3
Lisp Ch4 , Ch6
list, association Ch6
list, property Ch6
list, sorted Ch3
Liu, Chung Laung Biblio
load Ch3
local optimization Ch3
local procedure Ch4
lock, combination Ch2
lock, Simplex Ch2 , Ch3
logarithm Ch3
logic problem Ch2
logic programming Ch4
logic, computer Ch2
logic, predicate Ch2
logic, propositional Ch2
logic, ternary Ch2
Logo Ch4 , Ch6
Logo pattern matcher Ch6
Logo variable Ch4
lookahead Ch5
lookahead, one-character Ch5
loop, infinite Ch1

machine language Ch4 , Ch5
machine, finite-state Ch1 , Ch5 , Ch6
machine, nondeterministic Ch1
machine, theoretical Ch1
mandatory substitution Ch6
matching, pattern Ch6
mathematical induction Pref
mathematical model Ch1
mathematics, discrete Ch2
memoization Ch3 , Ch6
memory Ch3 , Ch5
memory, computer Ch1
memory, external Ch1
mergesort Ch3
Meteor Ch6
microworld Ch6
Minsky, Marvin Biblio
model, mathematical Ch1
modification, tree Ch3
monadic Ch5
multinomial coefficient Ch2
multinomial expansion Ch3
multiplication rule Ch2
mutator Ch3

nand Ch2
network, augmented transition Ch6
network, recursive transition Ch5
Newell, Allen Ch6
node, branch Ch3
node, leaf Ch3
node, root Ch3
non-interactive language Ch4
nondeterministic machine Ch1
nor Ch2
null pointer Ch3
number, binary Ch1 , Ch2
number, random Ch2
numerical analysis Pref
numof Ch6

object-oriented programming Ch4
offset Ch5
one-character lookahead Ch5
one-to-one correspondence Ch2
operating systems Pref
operator precedence Ch5
operator, binary Ch5
operator, relational Ch5
operator, unary Ch5
optimization, global Ch3
optimization, local Ch3
optimizing compiler Ch3
optional substitution Ch6
ordered subset Ch2
ordering Ch3
ordering relation Ch2
ordinal type Ch4
overflow signal Ch2

P-\kern 0.05pt code Ch4
packed array Ch4
pair Ch3
Papert, Seymour Pref , Ch6
paradigm, programming Ch4
parameter, formal Ch4
parameter, value Ch4
parameter, variable Ch4
parentheses Ch5
parentheses, balancing Ch1
Parry Ch1
parser Ch5
parser generator Ch5
partition sort Ch3 , Ch4
Pascal Ch4 , Ch6 , Biblio
Pascal compiler Ch5
Pascal program Ch4
Pascal variable Ch4
Pascal's Triangle Ch2
Pascal, Blaise Ch2
pattern matcher, Logo Ch6
pattern matching Ch6
periodic Ch2
Perlis, Alan J. Pref
permutation Ch2
philosophy Pref
Piaget, Jean Pref
piracy, software Pref
pointer Ch3 , Ch4
pointer, frame Ch5
pointer, global Ch5
pointer, null Ch3
pointer, stack Ch5
portable Ch4
precedence Ch5 , Ch6
precedence, operator Ch5
predicate function Ch2
predicate logic Ch2
predictive grammar Ch5
probability Ch2
problem, logic Ch2
procedural knowledge Ch1
procedural representation Pref
procedure call Ch4
procedure, effective Ch1
procedure, local Ch4
procedure, recursive Ch2
procedure (Pascal) Ch4
process Pref
processor Ch3 , Ch5
production rule Ch1 , Ch5 , Ch6
program verification Ch3
program, Pascal Ch4
programming languages, declarative Ch1
programming paradigm Ch4
programming, declarative Ch4
programming, dynamic Ch3
programming, functional Ch4
programming, logic Ch4
programming, object-oriented Ch4
programming, sequential Ch4
program (Pascal) Ch4
Prolog Ch1 , Ch2 , Biblio
proof by contradiction Ch1
property list Ch2 , Ch6
property, intellectual Pref
proposition, compound Ch2
proposition, simple Ch2
propositional logic Ch2
psychology Pref , Ch6

quadratic Ch3
quadratic formula Ch3
quantifier Ch6
quicksort Ch3

random access Ch3
random number Ch2
range Ch4
real (Pascal) Ch4
record Ch4
recursive definition Ch1
recursive descent Ch5
recursive procedure Ch2
recursive transition network Ch5
reference, bound Ch4
reference, call by Ch4
reference, free Ch4
Reggini, Horacio Ack
register Ch5
register, index Ch5
regular expression Ch1 , Ch5
reject state Ch1
relation Ch2
relation, equivalence Ch2
relation, ordering Ch2
relational operator Ch5
repeat (Pascal) Ch4
repetition rule Ch1
reserved word Ch4
retrieval time Ch3
robust Ch3 , Ch4
root node Ch3
round (Pascal) Ch4
RTN Ch5 , Ch6
rule, production Ch1 , Ch5
rules of inference Ch2

scalar type Ch4
science, cognitive Ch6
scope Ch5
scope, dynamic Ch4 , Ch5
scope, lexical Ch4
search algorithm, binary Ch3
search algorithm, linear Ch3
searching Ch3
selection sort Ch3
selector Ch3
self-reference Ch1
semantics Ch4
sentence, simple Ch6
sentinel Ch4
sequential programming Ch4
set theory Ch2
set, infinite Ch2
sharable Ch3
sigma Ch2
Simon, Herbert A. Ch6
simple proposition Ch2
simple sentence Ch6
simple statement Ch4
Simplex lock Ch2 , Ch3
simulation Ch2
sine function Ch2
Smullyan, Raymond Biblio
sociology Pref
software engineering Pref , Ch4
software piracy Pref
Somos, Michael Ack
sort, insertion Ch3
sort, partition Ch3 , Ch4
sort, selection Ch3
sorted list Ch3
sorting Ch3
source file Ch4
space, time and Ch3
Spock, Mr. Ch2
spreadsheet Ch1
stack frame Ch5
stack pointer Ch5
start state Ch1
state Ch1
state, accepting Ch1
state, halting Ch1
state, internal Ch1
statement part Ch4
statement, assignment Ch4
statement, compound Ch4
statement, conditional Ch4
statement, simple Ch4
statement, structured Ch4
storage time Ch3
store Ch3
string, constant Ch4
structure, block Ch4
structured statement Ch4
Student Ch6
subrange type Ch4
subset, ordered Ch2
substitution technique Ch6
substitution, mandatory Ch6
substitution, optional Ch6
sum of several terms Ch2
sum of the integers Ch3
Sussman, Gerald Jay Pref , Biblio
Sussman, Julie Biblio
symbol, generated Ch3 , Ch5 , Ch6
symmetric Ch2
syntactic hierarchy Ch5
syntax Ch4
system, expert Ch6
system, inference Ch2

table of values Ch2
table, hash Ch3
ternary logic Ch2
text editor Ch1 , Ch4
theoretical machine Ch1
thinking, formal Pref
time and space Ch3
time, retrieval Ch3
time, storage Ch3
timesharing systems Pref
token Ch5
tokenization Ch5
top-down Ch4
Tower of Hanoi Ch4
tractable Ch3
tradeoff Ch3
transition network, augmented Ch6
transition network, recursive Ch5
transitive Ch2
transitive rules Ch2
tree Ch3
tree modification Ch3
tree, balanced Ch3
tree, binary Ch3
trunc (Pascal) Ch4
truth-valued function Ch2
Turing machine Ch1 , Ch6
Turing machine, universal Ch1
Turing's thesis Ch1
Turing, Alan M. Ch1
Turkle, Sherry Pref , Ack , Biblio
two-stack algorithm Ch5
type, aggregate Ch4
type, data Ch4
type, enumerated Ch4
type, ordinal Ch4
type, scalar Ch4
type, subrange Ch4
type, user-defined Ch4
typed variable Ch4
type (Pascal) Ch4

unambiguous Ch5
unary operator Ch5
uniqueness rule Ch2
unit Ch6
universal Turing machine Ch1
Unix Pref , Ch1
user-defined type Ch4

value parameter Ch4
value, call by Ch4
variable parameter Ch4
variable, index Ch4
variable, Logo Ch4
variable, Pascal Ch4
variable, typed Ch4
var (Pascal) Ch4
verification, program Ch3

Wand, Mitchell Biblio
Weinberg, Gerald M. Biblio
Weizenbaum, Joseph Biblio
while (Pascal) Ch4
White, Dick Ack
Winograd, Terry Ack , Ch6 , Biblio
Wirth, Niklaus Biblio
word Ch3 , Ch4
word problems, algebra Ch6
word, reserved Ch4
workspace Ch4
workstations Pref
writeln (Pascal) Ch4
write (Pascal) Ch4


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