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General Index

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General Index

This index lists technical terms and primitive procedures. There is also an index of defined procedures, which lists procedures whose definitions are in the text.

(The HTML version doesn't tell you book page numbers; instead it directs you to the Web page(s) containing the references. Once you get to the page, ask your browser to find the text you want in that page.)


* RefMan
+ RefMan
- RefMan
.defmacro RefMan
.eq RefMan
.macro RefMan
.maybeoutput Ch10 , RefMan
.setbf RefMan
.setfirst RefMan
.setitem RefMan
/ RefMan
: RefMan
< RefMan
= RefMan
> RefMan

Abelson, Hal Ack , Ch9
access, random Ch2
algorithm Ch11
allopen RefMan
American Standard Code for Information Interchange Ch11
amplitude Ch13
and RefMan
Apple Logo Ch9
apply Ch10 , RefMan
arc RefMan
arctan RefMan
array RefMan
array? RefMan
arrayp RefMan
arraytolist RefMan
artificial intelligence Pref , Ch9
ascii Ch11 , RefMan
ashift RefMan
assignment, indirect Ch7 , Ch11 , Ch13

back RefMan
background RefMan
backquote Ch12
backslashed? RefMan
backslashedp RefMan
before? RefMan
beforep RefMan
behaviorism Ch9
bf RefMan
bfs RefMan
bg RefMan
Birch, Alison Ack
bitand RefMan
bitnot RefMan
bitor RefMan
bitxor RefMan
bk RefMan
bl RefMan
branching, multiple Ch4
buried RefMan
bury RefMan
buryall RefMan
buryname RefMan
butfirst RefMan
butfirsts Ch10 , RefMan
butlast RefMan
bye RefMan

C++ Ch10
capital letter Ch1
cardinal number Ch5
cascade RefMan
cascade.2 RefMan
case, lower Ch1
case, upper Ch1
caseignoredp Ch1 , RefMan
catch Ch3 , RefMan
catch tag Ch3
catching errors Ch3
char Ch11 , RefMan
cipher, simple substitution Ch11
circular list Ch9
Clancy, Mike Ack
clarinet Ch13
clean RefMan
clear text Ch11
clearscreen RefMan
cleartext RefMan
close Ch1 , RefMan
closeall RefMan
co RefMan
cognitive science Ch9
combine RefMan
compiler Ch6
compiler, incremental Ch6
Compulsory Miseducation Ch11
computed variable names Ch11
computer music Ch13
Computer Power and Human Reason Ch9
computer science Pref
contents RefMan
continue RefMan
conversational program Ch7
copydef Ch11 , RefMan
cos RefMan
count RefMan
cross-reference listing Ch5
crossmap RefMan
cryptogram Ch11
cryptography Pref
cs RefMan
ct RefMan
cursor RefMan

Dao, Khang Ack
data abstraction Ch4
data files Ch1
data, program as Ch5
Davis, Jim Ack
debugging Ch8
default Ch7 , Ch8 , Ch13
define Ch5 , RefMan
defined? RefMan
definedp RefMan
defining a procedure Ch5
dequeue RefMan
Deutsch, Freeman Ack
diff Ch2
difference RefMan
disk, hard Ch1
diskette Ch1
do.until RefMan
do.while Ch2 , RefMan
dribble Ch1 , RefMan
dribble file Ch1
dynamic scope Ch13

ed RefMan
edall RefMan
edit RefMan
edn RefMan
edns RefMan
edpl RefMan
edpls RefMan
edps RefMan
effect and output Ch4
efficiency Ch7
Eliza Ch9
empty? RefMan
emptyp RefMan
end of file Ch1
engineering, software Pref
environment, evaluation Ch10
eof? RefMan
eofp RefMan
equal? RefMan
equalp Ch1 , RefMan
er RefMan
erall RefMan
erase RefMan
erasefile RefMan
erf RefMan
ern RefMan
erns RefMan
erpl RefMan
erpls RefMan
erps RefMan
erract RefMan
error RefMan
errors, catching Ch3
evaluation environment Ch10
evaluation of inputs Ch7
evaluation, serial Ch7
exit, nonlocal Ch3
exp RefMan
extensible language Ch10

fd RefMan
fence RefMan
file, dribble Ch1
files, data Ch1
fill Ch1
fill RefMan
filter Ch10 , RefMan
find RefMan
first RefMan
firsts Ch10 , RefMan
flag variables Ch11
for RefMan
foreach Ch10 , RefMan
fork, tuning Ch13
form RefMan
formatter, text Ch1
forward RefMan
Fourier series Ch13
Fourier, Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Ch13
fput Ch10 , RefMan
frequencies of occurrence Ch11
frequency, fundamental Ch13
Friedman, Batya Ack
fs RefMan
fullscreen RefMan
fulltext RefMan
fundamental frequency Ch13

games Pref
generated symbol Ch6 , Ch9
gensym Ch9
gensym Ch6 , Ch10 , RefMan
Gilham, Fred Ack
Goldenberg, Paul Ack
Goodman, Paul Ch11
gprop Ch8 , RefMan
graph Ch11
graphical user interface Ch4
greater? RefMan
greaterp RefMan

hard disk Ch1
harmonics Ch13
harmonics, odd Ch13
heading RefMan
help RefMan
heuristic Ch11
hideturtle RefMan
highlighting Ch11
histogram Ch11
home RefMan
ht RefMan

if RefMan
ifelse RefMan
iff RefMan
iffalse RefMan
ift RefMan
iftrue RefMan
ignore RefMan
incremental compiler Ch6
indirect assignment Ch7 , Ch11 , Ch13
input, optional Ch10
inputs, evaluation of Ch7
inputs, keyword Ch13
inputs, positional Ch13
instruction list Ch5
int RefMan
intelligence, artificial Pref , Ch9
interpreter Ch6
inverse video Ch11
invoke RefMan
item RefMan
iteration Ch10

justify Ch1

Katz, Michael Ack
Katz, Yehuda Ack
Kemeny, John Ch6
key? RefMan
keyp RefMan
keyword inputs Ch13
Kurtz, Thomas Ch6

label RefMan
last RefMan
left RefMan
less? RefMan
lessp RefMan
letter, capital Ch1
library Ch10
Lisp Pref , Ch7 , Ch8 , Ch9
list RefMan
list structure, modification of Ch9
list, circular Ch9
list, property Ch8 , Ch9
list, pushdown Ch4
list? RefMan
listing, cross-reference Ch5
listp RefMan
listtoarray RefMan
ln RefMan
load RefMan
loadnoisily RefMan
local RefMan
localmake Ch4 , RefMan
log10 RefMan
Logo Ch10
loop Ch10
lower case Ch1
lowercase RefMan
lput RefMan
lshift RefMan
lt RefMan

machine language Ch6
macro Ch12
macro? RefMan
macroexpand RefMan
macrop RefMan
make Ch5 , RefMan
map RefMan Ch10 , RefMan
matcher, pattern Ch7
mathematics Pref
mdarray RefMan
mditem RefMan
mdsetitem RefMan
member Ch6 , RefMan
member? RefMan
memberp Ch1 , RefMan
Mills, George Ack
Minsky, Margaret Ack
minus RefMan
modification of list structure Ch9
modularity Ch1 , Ch3
modulo RefMan
mouse Ch4
multiple branching Ch4
music, computer Ch13
musical sounds Ch13
mutator Ch2

name RefMan
name? RefMan
namelist RefMan
namep RefMan
names RefMan
node Ch8
nodribble Ch1 , RefMan
nonlocal exit Ch3
norefresh RefMan
not RefMan
number, cardinal Ch5
number, ordinal Ch5
number? RefMan
numberp RefMan
numeric iteration Ch10
numeric precision Ch13

odd harmonics Ch13
openappend RefMan
openread Ch1 , RefMan
openupdate RefMan
openwrite Ch1 , RefMan
optional input Ch10
or RefMan
ordinal number Ch5
organ, pipe Ch13
Orleans, Doug Ack
output RefMan
output and effect Ch4
overtones Ch13

palette RefMan
parse RefMan
parser Ch6
Pascal Pref , Ch10
pattern Ch7
pattern matcher Ch7
pattern matching Pref
pause RefMan
pc RefMan
pd RefMan
pe RefMan
pen RefMan
pencolor RefMan
pendown RefMan
pendown? RefMan
pendownp RefMan
penerase RefMan
penmode RefMan
penpaint RefMan
penpattern RefMan
penreverse RefMan
pensize RefMan
penup RefMan
periodic waveform Ch13
pick RefMan
pipe organ Ch13
plist Ch8 , RefMan
plists RefMan
pllist RefMan
po RefMan
poall RefMan
pon RefMan
pons RefMan
pop RefMan
popl RefMan
popls RefMan
pops RefMan
pos RefMan
positional inputs Ch13
pot RefMan
pots RefMan
power RefMan
pprop Ch8 , RefMan
ppt RefMan
pr RefMan
precision, numeric Ch13
predicate Ch7 , Ch11
primitive? RefMan
primitivep RefMan
print RefMan
printdepthlimit RefMan
printer Ch1
printwidthlimit RefMan
procedure Ch5
procedure, defining Ch5
procedure? RefMan
procedurep RefMan
procedures RefMan
product RefMan
program as data Ch4 , Ch5 , Ch7
program, conversational Ch7
program-writing program Ch5
programming, systems Pref
programs, utility Pref
property list Ch8 , Ch9
psychotherapist Ch9
pu RefMan
push RefMan
pushdown list Ch4
px RefMan

quadratic time Ch5
quantifiers Ch7
queue Ch6 , RefMan
quoted RefMan
quotient RefMan

radarctan RefMan
radcos RefMan
radsin RefMan
random RefMan
random access Ch2
rawascii RefMan
rc RefMan
rcs RefMan
readchar RefMan
readchars RefMan
reader Ch1 , Ch6
reader RefMan
readlist RefMan
readpos RefMan
readword Ch1 , RefMan
recursion Ch10
redefp RefMan
reduce Ch10 , RefMan
refresh RefMan
remainder RefMan
remdup RefMan
remove RefMan
remprop Ch8 , RefMan
repeat Ch10 , RefMan
rerandom RefMan
reverse RefMan
reverse video Ch11
right RefMan
ringing Ch13
rl RefMan
round RefMan
rt RefMan
run Ch1 , RefMan
runparse RefMan
runresult RefMan
rw RefMan

Sargent, Randy Ack
save RefMan
savel RefMan
science, cognitive Ch9
science, computer Pref
scope, dynamic Ch13
scrunch RefMan
se RefMan
sentence RefMan
serial evaluation Ch7
series, Fourier Ch13
setbackground RefMan
setbg RefMan
setcursor RefMan
seth RefMan
setheading RefMan
setitem RefMan
setmargins RefMan
setpalette RefMan
setpc RefMan
setpen RefMan
setpencolor RefMan
setpenpattern RefMan
setpensize RefMan
setpos RefMan
setread Ch1 , RefMan
setreadpos RefMan
setscrunch RefMan
setwrite Ch1 , RefMan
setwritepos RefMan
setx RefMan
setxy RefMan
sety RefMan
shell RefMan
show RefMan
shown? RefMan
shownp RefMan
showturtle RefMan
simple substitution cipher Ch11
sin RefMan
sine wave Ch13
software engineering Pref
solitaire Ch4
Solomon, Cynthia Ack
sounds, musical Ch13
splitscreen RefMan
sqrt RefMan
square wave Ch13
ss RefMan
st RefMan
stack Ch4
standout Ch4 , RefMan
startup RefMan
step RefMan
stimulus-response Ch9
stop RefMan
substitution cipher, simple Ch11
substring? RefMan
substringp RefMan
sum RefMan
symbol, generated Ch6 , Ch9
systems programming Pref

tag, catch Ch3
tail recursion Ch10
test RefMan
text Ch5 , RefMan
text formatter Ch1
textscreen RefMan
thing Ch5 , RefMan
throw Ch3 , RefMan
time, quadratic Ch5
to RefMan
towards RefMan
trace RefMan
transcript file Ch1
transfer RefMan
tree Ch10
ts RefMan
tuning fork Ch13
type RefMan

unbury RefMan
unburyall RefMan
unburyname RefMan
unstep RefMan
until RefMan
untrace RefMan
upper case Ch1
uppercase Ch11 , RefMan
user interface, graphical Ch4
utility programs Pref

van Blerkom, Dan Ack
variable Ch5
variable names, computed Ch11

wait RefMan
wave, sine Ch13
wave, square Ch13
waveform Ch13
waveform, periodic Ch13
Weizenbaum, Joseph Ch9
while RefMan
window RefMan
word RefMan
word processor Ch1
word? RefMan
wordp RefMan
wrap RefMan
Wright, Matthew Ack
writepos RefMan
writer Ch1
writer RefMan

xcor RefMan

ycor RefMan
Yoder, Sharon Ack

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