Computer Science Logo Style volume 2: Advanced Techniques 2/e Copyright (C) 1997 MIT


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Brian Harvey
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Cynthia Solomon and Margaret Minsky are the people who got me started at the enterprise of developing exemplary Logo projects. People in the Logo community had been talking for many years about the need for an advanced Logo project book, but nobody got around to it until 1982 when Atari had all the money in the world and used some of it to establish a Corporate Research Department. Cynthia was in charge of the Atari research lab in Cambridge, where many MIT old-timers were gathered. She and Margaret decided that this was the time for the project book. I was one of several people they recruited to contribute projects. The result of that effort is called LogoWorks: Challenging Programs in Logo (McGraw-Hill, 1985).

This book is somewhat different from LogoWorks in that it's part of a series, so I can make assumptions here about what the reader already knows from having read the first volume. Still, I've benefited greatly from what I learned from Cynthia and Margaret about how to explain the structure of a large programming project.

The people who have read and commented on early drafts of this book include Hal Abelson, Alison Birch, Sharon Yoder, Mike Clancy, Jim Davis, Batya Friedman, Paul Goldenberg, Margaret Minsky, and Cynthia Solomon. As for the first volume, I am particularly indebted to Hal and Paul for their strong encouragement and their deep insights into issues both in computer science and in education. Matthew Wright reviewed some chapters for the second edition.

Berkeley Logo, the interpreter used in this edition, is a collective effort of many people, both at Berkeley and across the Internet. My main debt in that project is to three former students: Dan van Blerkom, Michael Katz, and Doug Orleans. At the risk of missing someone, I also want to acknowledge substantial contributions by Freeman Deutsch, Khang Dao, Fred Gilham, Yehuda Katz, George Mills, and Randy Sargent.

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