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Index of Defined Procedures

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Index of Defined Procedures

This index lists example procedures whose definitions are in the text. The general index lists technical terms and primitive procedures.

(The HTML version doesn't tell you book page numbers; instead it directs you to the Web page(s) containing the references. Once you get to the page, ask your browser to find the text you want in that page.)


#gather Ch7
#test Ch7
#test2 Ch7
&test Ch7
@test Ch7
@test2 Ch7
@try.pred Ch7
^test Ch7

a Ch10
addline Ch2
addmemr Ch9
addpunct Ch9
addrule Ch9
addword Ch1
again Ch4
allup Ch4
alphabet Ch11
always Ch7
analyze Ch9
anyof Ch7
anyof1 Ch7
ask.once Ch3
ask.thrice Ch3
aunts Ch8

b Ch10
basicprompt Ch6
basicread Ch6
basicread1 Ch6
beep Ch11
beliefp Ch9
bell Ch4
bind Ch11
blacktype Ch4
boundp Ch11
breadstring Ch6
break Ch1

c.if1 Ch6
c.input1 Ch6
c.print1 Ch6
capitalize Ch9
carddis Ch4
cheat Ch4
checkempty Ch4
checkfull Ch4
checkonto Ch4
checkpriority Ch9
checkrules Ch9
checktop Ch4
chop Ch2
clearword Ch11
cnt Ch11
codeword Ch11
compile Ch6
compile.end Ch6
compile.for Ch6
compile.gosub Ch6
compile.goto Ch6
compile.if Ch6
compile.input Ch6
compile.let Ch6 Ch6
compile.print Ch6
compile.return Ch6
count. Ch11
cousins Ch8
coveredp Ch4

dark Ch11
deal Ch4
decapitalize Ch9
diff.differ Ch2
diff.found Ch2
diff.same Ch2
dishand Ch4
dispile Ch4
disstack Ch4
distop Ch4
distop1 Ch4
divisiblep Ch10
dorule Ch9

eraseline Ch6
expr1 Ch6
expression Ch6
extract Ch1
extract.word Ch1

family Ch8
familyp Ch9
filename Ch2
findcard Ch4
findpile Ch4
findshown Ch4
firstn Ch2
firstword Ch1
fixtop Ch11
for Ch10 , Ch12
foreach Ch10 , Ch12
forletters Ch11
forloop Ch10
forstep Ch10
fullclear Ch11

getline Ch2
getsentence Ch9
getsentence1 Ch9
getstuff Ch9
gprop Ch8
grade Ch10
grandchildren Ch8
granddaughters Ch8
grandfathers Ch8
guess.single Ch11
guess.triple Ch11

hand3 Ch4
helper Ch4
hidden Ch4
histlet Ch11
histogram Ch11

immediate Ch6
in Ch7
index Ch11
init.vars Ch1
initcount Ch11
inithidden Ch4
initstacks Ch4
initvars Ch11
insert Ch6
instant Ch5
instruct Ch4
instruct1 Ch4
invtype Ch11

justgirls Ch8

kids Ch8

lastresort Ch9
lesstext Ch11
light Ch11
linenum Ch2
lines Ch2
list. Ch11
loop Ch1 , Ch9

makedef Ch6
makefile Ch2
map.tree Ch10
match! Ch7
match# Ch7
match& Ch7
match? Ch7
match@ Ch7
match^ Ch7
max. Ch11
member2 Ch2
memory Ch9
moretext Ch11
mother Ch8
multifor Ch10
multiforloop Ch10
multiforstep Ch10
multiply Ch3 , Ch10

named.foreach Ch10
newindent Ch1
newline Ch1
newstack Ch4
nextline Ch6
nextlinenum Ch2
nextword Ch1
nofill Ch1
nonneg Ch11
norules Ch9

onegame Ch4
onekey Ch5
onetop Ch11
opinion Ch5
ordinals Ch5

parse.special Ch7
parsecmd Ch4
parsedigit Ch4
parsekey Ch11
parseloop Ch11
parsezero Ch4
play Ch3 Ch4
playcard Ch4
playonto Ch4
playpile Ch4
playstack Ch4
playstack1 Ch4
playtop Ch4
polyspi Ch10
popsaved Ch2
posn Ch11
pprop Ch8
prepare.guess Ch11
primep Ch10
process Ch1 , Ch2
putline Ch1
putwords Ch1

qa Ch3
qbind Ch11
quoted Ch7 , Ch12

rank Ch4
ranknum Ch4
readline Ch2
readvalue Ch6
reconstruct Ch9
redisplay Ch4 , Ch11
redp Ch4
redtype Ch4
reference Ch5
rempile Ch4
remprop Ch8
remshown Ch4
remshown1 Ch4
rep Ch10
report Ch2
reword Ch9
rubout Ch4

s Ch4
safe.item1 Ch3
safe.item2 Ch3
savedp Ch2
savelines Ch2
second Ch5
series Ch13 Ch7
set.special Ch7
setbound Ch11
setcnt Ch11
setcount. Ch11
setempty Ch4
setlinenum Ch2
setlines Ch2
setlist. Ch11
setmax. Ch11
setposn Ch11
settop Ch4
setunbound Ch11
setup.values Ch13
showclear Ch11
showclear1 Ch11
showcode Ch11
showcode1 Ch11
shown Ch4
showrow Ch11
showtop Ch11
shuffle Ch4
siblings Ch8
skip Ch1
skipfirst Ch1
skipspaces Ch1
skipword Ch1
sons Ch8
spanish Ch8
special Ch7
split Ch6
split1 Ch6
stackemptyp Ch4
start Ch1
submemberp Ch5
suit Ch4

tally Ch11
term Ch13
tokenize Ch9
tokenword Ch9
top Ch4
topmar Ch1
translate Ch9
try.pred Ch7
turnup Ch4
twocol Ch11

upsafep Ch4
usememory Ch9

which Ch2
wingame Ch4

xref Ch5
xrefall Ch5

yesfill Ch1

zap.player Ch3

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