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Berkeley Logo (download manual) (download readme) is a freeware interpreter that I wrote along with several students. (Major contributors are Daniel van Blerkom, Khang Dao, Michael Katz, Douglas Orleans, and Sanford Owings.) Click here to retrieve the complete distribution archive for Unix/Linux (or by HTTP), MacOS X Stuffit archive (or by HTTP), MacOS X gzip archive, or Windows (or by HTTP), complete with C source code. A version for the One Laptop Per Child XO is here (or by HTTP). (If you think Logo is just a graphics language for little kids, check out a sample program that should impress you.)

The current version is 6.0, posted 14 Sep 2008. 6 Jan 2009: The bug in the version for PowerPC-based Macs that required X11 to run Logo has been fixed. Re-download UCBLogo if you had that problem.

Here are links to version 5.3 for frozen platforms DOS (or by HTTP), or Mac pre-OS X (or by HTTP).

If you downloaded 6.0 before Tues 9/30/2008, 10:30pm PST, and it didn't run on your PowerPC-based Mac, download it again -- that's been fixed.

Also consider David Costanzo's FMSLogo, an updated version of George Mills' MSWLogo, a multimedia-enhanced version for MS Windows based on Berkeley Logo. Or Andreas Micheler's aUCBLogo, a rewrite and enhancement of UCBLogo.

Here are links to other versions of Logo.

If you got here by Googling "logo" and are looking for someone to design a logotype (an identifying symbol) for your organization, you're in the wrong place. This is the Logo computer programming language for learners!

v1 cover v2 cover v3 cover (The beautiful cover art
is by Jon Rife.)

Now FREE for personal use: The second edition of Computer Science Logo Style, a three-volume series intended mainly for teenagers and their teachers, or for adults who aren't professional programmers. You can look at the tables of contents and complete downloadable PDFs and browsable HTML versions of

Note: These books are still in copyright, and in print. They are posted here for your personal use, not for resale or redistribution. Thanks!

MIT Press web page for Computer Science Logo Style

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