Other Versions of Logo

Versions Derived from Berkeley Logo

David Costanzo's FMSLogo, an updated version of MSWLogo, a Windows-only version with multimedia and other enhancements.

Andreas Micheler's aUCBLogo, a rewrite and enhancement of UCBLogo.

E-Slate, from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, is a collection of tools for authoring educational microworlds, using a visual dataflow model, with a derivative of UCBLogo as one of the tools.

Other Free Versions of Logo

Pavel Boytchev's ELICA, an object-oriented redesign of Logo.

MIT's StarLogo, a massively parallel (thousands of turtles) dialect for modeling decentralized systems.

Uri Wilensky's NetLogo, an offshoot of StarLogo.

MIT's Scratch, an experimental drag-and-drop turtle programming environment.

Commercial Versions of Logo

All of the following include multimedia capabilities.

Imagine, from Comenius University, an innovative object-oriented Logo featuring multicomputer collaboration over the Internet.

Microworlds, from Logo Computer Systems, Inc., the company founded by Seymour Papert to continue Logo development.

Terrapin Logo, with an extensive collection of supporting print materials including project ideas and curriculum materials.

Other Programming Environments for Kids

Alan Kay's Squeak, a multimedia environment based on Smalltalk, the original object-oriented programming language.

And last but not least, our own wonderful block-based language Snap!, Scheme (call/cc!) disguised as Scratch.

Brian Harvey, bh@cs.berkeley.edu