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A Real-time Virtual Mirror Display

Figure 4:   Display and viewing geometry: cameras and video-display share optical axis through a half-silvered mirror.
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Our initial application of our integrated, multi-modal visual person tracking framework is to create a face-responsive visual display. We construct a video display where cameras observe the user from the same optical axis as used by the display, and send estimates of the 3-D head position of observers of the screen to the application program. One application we have explored using this display is an interactive graphics experience in which users' faces are distorted in real-time. The effect is a virtual fun-house mirror, but in which only the face regions are distorted.

We create a virtual mirror by placing cameras so that they share the same optical axis as a video display, using a half-silvered mirror to merge the two optical paths. The cameras view the user through a 45-degree half mirror, so that the user can view a video monitor while also looking straight into (but not seeing) the cameras. Video from one camera is displayed on the monitor after the application of various computer graphics distortion effects, so as to create a virtual mirror effect. Figure 4 shows the display and viewing geometry of our apparatus. Using video texture mapping and the OpenGL graphics system, we have implemented graphics methods to distort faces on the screen using one of the following special effects: spherical expansion, spherical shrinking, swirl, lateral expansion, and a vertical melting effect. This creates a novel and entertaining interactive visual experience where users get immediate visual feedback from their tracked faces.

Our system is currently implemented using three computer systems (one PC, two SGI O2), a large NTSC video monitor, stereo video cameras, a dedicated stereo computation PC board, and the half-mirror imaging apparatus. The full tracking system, including all vision and graphics processing, runs at approximately 12Hz.

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Trevor Darrell