Open-Source Research Software
Aladdin: A pre-RTL, power-performance-area simulator for accelerators
Chipyard: An integrated design, simulation, and implementation framework for custom SoCs
CoSA: A constrained-optimization-based scheduler for spatial accelerators
gem5-Aladdin: An SoC simulator
Gemmini: Berkeley's Systolic Array Generator
LLVM-Tracer: An LLVM optimization pass to print a dynamic LLVM IR trace
MachSuite: A benchmark suite for accelerators
MatchLib: A SystemC/C++ library of commonly-used hardware components for HLS
ONNXRuntime-RISCV: ONNXRuntime support for RISCV-based Accelerators
Timeloop: A design space exploration tool for DNN accelerators
WIICA: An ISA-independent workload characterization tool for accelerators