UC Berkeley

EECS 232 Lightwave Devices -- Fall 2006

Professor Ming C. Wu

University of California, Berkeley
Dept. Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences



Lecture Notes


Midterm / Final






  • Midterm-2 will be held TODAY from 6:10 - 7:40 pm in 293 Cory. It's open book, open notes. Bring your calculator.


  • Additional office hour on Tuesday (11/7/2006): 5-6 pm at my office (261M Cory)


  • Please note Midterm-2 is on 11/9/2006 (Thursday). The original date on schedule was a typo.
  • HW 5 and HW 6 have been posted. HW 5 will be due on Nov. 9. It is intended to help you prepare Midterm-2. HW 6 is the LaserMOD project, and is due on Nov. 21.


  • The office hour on 10/19/2006 will be moved to 10/17/2006 (Tuesday) 1 - 2 pm.
  • The link to the lecture notes on Optical Waveguides has been fixed.


  • Please note that we will have NO class on 10/19/2006 (Thursday), but will HAVE class on 10/31/2006 (Tuesday).


  • HW 4 has been posted
  • The LaserMOD tutorial by Erwin Lau has been updated. Please download the file again. Please start getting familiar with the program. HW 5 will have simulation problem, and will be posted soon.


  • Midterm-1 will be held in the evening of 10/10/2006 (Tuesday) from 6:00 - 7:30 pm in 293 Cory.
    The exam is open book/notes. Please bring your calculator.
  • Solution for HW3 has been posted.


  • Solutions for HW1 and HW2 have been posted.



  • Many of you have questions on how to calculate the matrix element in Problem 1, HW 3. I have posted a hint in the HW page (right after HW 3).
  • Midterm will be open book, and open notes. Please bring a calculator.


  • HW 3 has been posted.


  • HW 2: assume the electron effective mass is equal to 0.067 * m0, where m0 is the free electron mass. A revsed HW 2 is posted.


  • HW 2 has been posted. The due date has been extended to Sept. 26 since we don't have OH on Sept. 14.
  • There will be a guest lecture on LaserMOD by Erwin Lau on 9/26/06
  • There is no lecture on 9/14/06 (Thursday)
  • You can find the user manual for LaserMod via the Start manual:
    • RSoft Photonics CAD Suite --> Documentation --> LaserMOD Manual
    • You can also find the PDF of the manual at the LaserMod page


  • The schedule of the topics have been rearranged so we can start doing simulation sooner. Please check Schedule / Lecture Notes for updates from time to time.
  • The OH has been moved to 3:30 - 4:30 pm on Thursday. Please email me if you have conflict.
  • I have received the program CD for RSoft LaserMOD. You need to self-assemble into groups of 3 people. Each group will share a USB key. After your group is formed, you can bring your notebook computers to my office during OH to install the program.
  • The PDF file of the updated optoelectronics market has been posted. See Schedule / Lecture Notes
  • HW 1 has bee posted.