Math 221 - Numerical Linear Algebra

Class Organization

  • Time and Location: MWF 9-10 in 405 Soda Hall, NOT 2 Evans
  • Prof: W. Kahan
    Tentative office hours: MWF 10:15 - 10:45 in 733 Soda Hall, and at other times by appointment.
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  • TA: None
  • Secretary: (for the time being) Bob Untiedt
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  • Final exam (group 15) is scheduled for 8-11 am. Tues. 17 Dec. 1996.

    Review session for Final: To be determined.


  • Course Overview
  • Deflations Preserving Relative Accuracy
  • Lecture Notes

    Demmel has temporarily removed his text while cleaning it up to send to the publisher, SIAM.
  • Other Notes:
    " A Singularity removable Numerically when Arithmetic is Clean " 1 p.
    " Four Running error Bounds " 1 p.
    " Roundoff in Polynomial Evaluation " 7 pp.
    " Norms and Transposes of Vectors " 7 pp.
  • Matlab Programs for Homework Assignments

    Other Online Software and Documentation

  • Matlab Primer A newer edition updated to Matlab v. 4.2 can be purchased for about $15 from CRC Press, Inc., 1-800-272-7737.
  • Matlab Online Reference Docs
  • Netlib, a repository of numerical software and related documentation
  • Netlib Search Facility, a way to search for the software on Netlib that you need
  • GAMS - Guide to Available Math Software, another search facility to find numerical software
  • LAPACK, state-of-the-art software for dense numerical linear algebra on workstations and shared-memory parallel computers. Written in Fortran.
  • CLAPACK, a C version of LAPACK.
    (For a partial C++ version, see LAPACK++ on Roldan Pozo's homepage)
  • LAPACK Manual
  • ScaLAPACK, a partial version of LAPACK for distributed-memory parallel computers.
  • LINPACK and EISPACK are precursors of LAPACK, dealing with linear systems and eigenvalue problems, respectively.
  • Templates for the solution of linear systems, a collection of iterative methods, with advice on which ones to use.
  • PETSc: Portable, Extensible, Toolkit for Scientific Computation
  • NHSE - National High Performance Computing and Communications Software Exchange, pointers to related work across the country.
  • Notes on IEEE Floating Point Arithmetic, by Prof. W. Kahan
  • Related Courses

  • Parallel Numerical Linear Algebra. This course was offered as a week-long short course in Summer 1995. It is a shortened version of CS 267, Applications of Parallel Computers, which is taught each spring semester. This home page includes a complete text as well as extensive pointers to other information sites on the WWW.
  • MIT's 18.335, Numerical Methods. Fall 1995.
  • MIT's 18.337, Parallel Scientific Computing, Spring 1995.
  • CSEP - Computational Science Education Project, an on-line course developed by the Dept. of Energy
  • Miscellany

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