Optics Fun

The MIT student chapter of the Optical Society of America (OSA) started an annual outreach event for the general public to explore optics and optical ‘science tricks’, as part of the annual Cambridge Science Festival in Cambridge, MA, USA.

Pics from 2010 are here!

Here are some fun optics demos… click on icons.

Description of some basic optics topics like wavelength, diffraction and polarization.

Introduction to optics

The spatial version of FM (frequency modulation) radio.

Moire Pictures

Fun optics-related pics. Always looking for more ideas!

More Pictures

Aliasing—there’s an app for that. Next time you’re on an airplane, try this...

iPhone aliasing pictures

Three spinning mirrors made from computer fans deflect a laser beam to make cool designs on the wall.

Laser Spirograph

Laser patterns on the wall when one 2D diffraction grating is rotated on top of another one.

Rotating diffraction gratings