In the last five decades, I have worked in a number of different areas.
I am planning to write short descriptions about some of those areas.
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Current Research

Renewable Energy and Power Systems

Every nation is committed to a drastic reduction in its emission of green house gases or GHG to cope with the threat of global warming. The emis- sions reduction will be achieved only by difficult, disruptive and painful cuts in the use of fossil fuel based energy. Electric power producers will be forced to shift from the use of fossil fuels to renewable sources for generating electricity. Because renewable sources are intermittent, uncertain and uncontrollable, such a shift will requires three changes in the principles of power system operations. First, generation dispatch will be revised more fre- quently to take advantage of better short range predictions of renewables. Second, the objective of operations will gradually shift from “controlling power generation to match fluctuating demand,” to “shaping demand and storage to match fluctuating power supply.” Third, there will be a growing reliance on the use of storage to match generation at one time instant with demand at another time instant. Since the demand for electricity and a significant fraction of renewable sources and storage will be located in the periphery of the electric grid, the control architecture of the grid will likely be transformed from a central authority at the core of the grid to a distributed intelligence located in the periphery. Such a transformation will necessitate a change in the role of consumers from using electricity in their own interests to actively shaping their consumption patterns and their renewable sources for the benefit of collectives of consumers.

Transportation Systems

Past Research

  1. Control Theory

  2. Hybrid Systems

  3. Learning Theory

  4. Game Theory and Mechanism Design

  5. Communication Networks

  6. Sensor Networks

  7. Wireless Communication and Information Theory

  8. Economics Theory, Urban Economics