ME C134 / EE C128: Feedback Control Systems (Spring 2023)

Instructor: Somayeh Sojoudi
Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11-12:30 pm
Instructor's Office Hours: Thursdays, 1:30-3pm
TAs: Samuel Pfrommer (; Sampada Deglurkar (

Grading Policy

  • Homework: 15%

  • Lab reports: 30%

  • Midterm exam (Thursday, March 2nd): 20%

  • Final exam: 35%


This course provides a basic understanding of control systems, including:

  • Analysis and synthesis of linear feedback control systems in transform and time domains

  • Control system design by root locus, frequency response, and state space methods

  • Applications to electro-mechanical and mechatronics systems


  • “Control Systems Engineering” by Norman S. Nise, Wiley, Edition: 6th (5th or 7th are fine too)


Course Topics and Material

  • “Overview, intro. to feedback control, dynamic models”, Ch.1, Slides

  • “Modeling in the frequency domain”, Ch. 2, Slides

  • “Modeling in the Time domain”, Ch.3, Slides

  • “Time response”, Ch. 4 Slides

  • “Stability”, Ch. 6 Slides

  • “Steady-State-Errors”, Ch. 7 Slides

  • “Root Locus Techniques”, Ch. 8 Slides

  • “Design via Root Locus”, Ch. 9 Slides

  • “Frequency Response Techniques”, Ch. 10 Slides

  • “Design via Frequency Response”, Ch. 11 Slides

  • “Design via State Space”, Ch. 12 Slides

  • “Digital Control Systems”, Ch. 13 Slides


  • Homework submission: Gradescope

  • The lowest homework grade will be dropped.

  • You will lose points for late homework. Up to 12 hours late: 25 points off. 12-24 hours late: 50 points off. You will receive no points if you submit after 24 hours.


Lab Documents

Lab Logistics

  • All Prelabs are to be done individually. Lab 1 will be an individual lab. Labs 2-6b will be in groups of 2-3 students. Please form groups with students that you can meet with multiple times throughout the week; an ED post will help aid you in finding a group.

Lab Guidelines: