Soda Hall Space Policies

The following are some general policies concerning assignment of space in Soda Hall. These guidelines were originally discussed at the faculty retreat in Spring 1994, and were re-approved with slight modifications at a faculty lunch meeting on May 15, 1997.

The Soda Hall Facilities Committee reviews and drafts policies for space utilization in consultation with the CS faculty; new policies are brought before the full faculty for ratification. The Chair of this committee (currently, the Vice-Chair for CS Administration) executes space policies in consultation with the committee.

The following principles and policies are currently recognized:

  1. Space is not the possession of a particular faculty member or group. In particular, graduate student, research scientist, and other office space use will be assigned to reflect changing needs. To the extent possible, office space will be allocated by room, rather than by desk, to enable faculty members or groups to co-locate possibly changing groups of individuals.

    The assignment of office space is delegated to the SCC.

    Faculty members wishing to alter their space usage, include space in an office occupied by members of that faculty member's research activities, should consult the CS Division Office manager. Similarly, the SCC will consult affected faculty members about proposed office space allocation changes prior to instituting such changes.

  2. Laboratory space and machine room space is assigned based on specific equipment or facility needs that cannot be satisfied by standard office space allocation. Faculty members are expected to share laboratory space with others engaged in similar or related activities.

    Users of laboratory space are responsible for the general condition of that space. In particular, equipment that is not in active use, or soon to be put into active use, should not be stored in laboratory space.

    Preference will be given to accommodating requirements of physical proximity, network connections, etc., in allocating machine room space.

    Changes in the designation of a facility, e.g., Laboratory, Machine Room, that affect ongoing Divisional activities, require approval of the Space Committee.

  3. When it becomes necessary to readjust space allocations, an effort shall be made to apportion impact as fairly as possible across well-utilized space in the Division.

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Last update, May 1997.
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