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Soda Hall Policies

General Policies on space assignment in Soda Hall.

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Simplified Summary of the Program for the CS Division

Initial Building Specifications

Spacebudget: Summing up the Desired Assignable Square Footage

Matrix Describing Preferred Proximities

Floorplans at Various Levels of Abstraction

Floor# - - Functions -- Groupings -- Schematics -- Sketches -- Floorplans

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F1 -- F1: Functions - F1: Groupings - F1: Schematics - F1: Sketches - F1: Floorplan -

Some Special Drawings Used in the Design Process

Massing Studies: - Comparisons of Elevations

Sections and Elevations: - Internal N-S-Cross Section

Spatial Domains: - Schematic Security Diagram

Decision Diagram: - Plot used to resolve column grid, office sizes, and fenestration.

Stairs: - Geometry of Stair #2 (East side).

Text Slides of Some Talks Given on Planning and Evaluation Process

Pictures of Soda Hall

Some pictures of Soda Hall (by Russell Abraham) which appeared in California Monthly, Nov. 1994:

More pictures taken by Carlo H. Séquin ...

Art in Soda Hall

Soda Hall has some excellent spaces to display artwork. Hopefully, over time we can acquire some dramatic and inspiring pieces.

Internal Sculptures

For the occasion of the Soda Hall inauguration on October 24, 1994, a couple of translucent sculptures designed and constructed by Carlo H. Séquin were installed in the atrium under the skylights: the Luminous Race Track on the West side, and the Constraint Figure-8 Mobile on the East. Another sculpture sat on a pedestal on the 7th floor bridge: called TetraTangle, but it was later removed because it presented an obstruction to traffic. It was replaced by a a smaller one: the Chinese Button Knot -- which however interfered with the field of view of the security camera, and eventually also got removed.

On February 21, 1999, Luminous Race Track was replaced with Rainbow Bits by George Hart . The idea was conceived by Carlo H. Séquin when contemplating what to do with the many CDs that we all receive in the mail. George Hart who has done many spheroid assemblies out of inexpensive every-day items was immediately excited and designed this new polyhedral geometry for this occasion.

External Sculptures

On December 2, 1995, a kinetic sculpture ''Empress of the Emerald Palace'' by Frank Schueler was installed on the NE corner of the sixth floor.

Temporary Art Exhibits

Towards the end of Spring 1997, the Art Practice department exhibits some select work in the atrium on the 6th and 7th floor of Soda hall.

Don't miss the "Jurassic Window" in the East stairwell between floors 6 and 5, installed by U.N.Owen and his children (during 1998).


From August 3 till August 7, 1998, Soda Hall has hosted the Art and Mathematics Conference 1998
An origami Pascal triangle by Diana Venters that was featured at that conference can be seen in the 6th floor atrium on the west wall.

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