Lecture #4 -- Friday 9/18, 1998.

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Lecture Topics

Collection of Latest WEB-CAD Designs

  • Rewieving the new Designs
  • Comparison with previous WEB-CAD Homework
  • Discussion of Manufacturability in the Given Framework
  • Will the part differ from what you have drawn ?
  • Width and inner radius limitation as a function of depth
  • Other things that might have to be considered

    Critique of the Latest Version of the WebCAD Tool

  • Things that prevented you from getting the job done
  • Things that were difficult to figure out
  • Things you found annoying
    . . .
    More discussion with Jae Kim

    The SIF_DSG Language

  • The simplest non-hierarchical SIF elements
  • The special additions for SIF_DSG
  • Paths descriptions
  • Nested pockets
  • ... towards procedural generation of SIF_DSG

    New Homework Assignment:
    DUE: FRIDAY 9/25/98, 9:45am.

    If necessary -- add final touches to your designs on the WebCAD tool.

    Study the SIF_DSG language:
    Exercise the WebCAD tool and look at the text generated in the emit window.
    Look at the SIF_DSG Language Definition Pages

    Hand in:
    Make sure your final designs are on the IML server in the cs294 directory.

    Next Reading Assignment:

    SIF_DSG Language Definition Pages

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