Lecture #3 -- Friday 9/11, 1998.

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Lecture Topics

Handing back the MAS Homework

  • Summary of Findings
  • Why it is difficult to build such a tool
  • What do YOU think would make a useful tool ?

    Collection of New Homework

  • Rewieving the Designs
  • Discussion of Manufacturability in the Given Framework
  • Will the part differ from what you have drawn ?
  • Width and inner radius limitation as a function of depth.

    Critique of the WebCAD Tool

  • Things that prevented you from getting the job done
  • Things that were difficult to figure out
  • Things you found annoying
    . . .
    Discussion with Jae Kim

    How to Use WebCAD -- Part 2

  • Presentation and Demo by Jae Kim

    New Homework Assignment:
    DUE: FRIDAY 9/18/98, 9:45am.

    Using Web-CAD 1.0, finish your design of a 2x2inch prismatic segment, <= 4 inches long.

    Observe the depth to width constaints for holes (drills) and pockets (mills) that you should {soon!} find on the WebCAD tool pages.

    Try to make an "integral 3D part" rather than four separate "2D engravings" on the four sides of the 2x2inch stock.

    If you run into tool limitations that might prevent you from finishing and submitting your job, please send mail to jaeho@kingkong.me -- preferably early in the week.

    Hand in:
    A printout of your submitted design;
    three suggestions of {hopefully relatively minor} fixes that would make WebCAD a better tool;
    put your name on your hand-ins.

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