Solid Free-Form Modeling and Fabrication


Design and Prototyping of Solid Shapes

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Catalog Entry

Course Description

This course is complementary to the CAGD course CS284 which focusses in depth on splines and smooth surfaces.

This course covers the path from a conceptual vision of a shape to a concrete computer-based description that is suitable for manufacturing. It covers various solids modeling techniques, including volume representations, boundary representations, instantiation and boolean combinations of shapes, and procedural generation such as sweeps. It discusses effective data structures and consistent and unambiguous part description formats to transfer a shape from a designer to a fabrication house, as well as problems with maintaining unambiguous topology in the presence of finite-precision geometry. We will use our Fused Deposition Modeling machine to actually fabricate some parts designed in this class.

Weekly Assignments

For the first several weeks, weekly assignments will be given to read, study, design, or program something. Some of the information for these assignments will be posted on the WEB.

Various Forms and Sample Files

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