CS 284: CAGD 
Lecture #17 -- Mon 10/26, 2009.

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Preparation:  Functional Optimization for Fair Surface Design (MVS)  by Moreton and Séquin

Warm-up:  Discuss with your neighbors the following task:

You would like to make your genus-4 mesh as "round" as possible.  Specifically,

you would like to minimize the maximum of curvature anywhere on the surface.

How would you go about doing this ?

Topic: Surface Optimization

Introduction and Motivation to Minimum Variation Surfaces

Discussion of the salient points of the papers: Data structures, algorithms, difficulties ...

Start preparing for your 5-minute formal Project Proposal Presentation on November 2.

("Venture Capitalist Rally" -- How to get the "gold".)

Format: Content:
Check list and rating sheet:

Reading Assignment:

Progressive Meshes

Ongoing Programming Assignment:

Add texture mapping to your triangle subdivision scheme.

By WED, Oct. 28, you should be able to present a genus-4 surface with some non-trivial texture mapped onto it.
Send me: a pretty picture, an updated description of your encoding scheme and your data structures,
and a brief discussion of some of the design choices you have made.
Make sure merged serface is a watertight 2-manifold B-reps of a real solid object !
Run files in SLIDE and "save as SIF" (with backface eliminattion; NOT SLF_HOLLOW);
-- Inconsistent (unmatched) edges joint will then be shown as red lines.
    If everything is OK, the SIF file will report a single shell of the proper genus.


Monday, Nov. 02: You will make a formal 5-minute presentation in class.

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