CS 284: CAGD 
Lecture #1 -- Wed 8/26, 2009.

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read Rockwood: pp 1-30:
-- Ch 1: History of CAGD
-- Ch 2: Math background

Lecture Topics

Introduction to CAGD

Key Course Topics

Course Goal

Course Administration

Expected Math Foundations

See Rockwood pp 9-19

Some Possibly New Concepts

See Rockwood pp 20-30

First Homework Assignment:

A Conceptual Task: (to make you conscious of what we are up against).
Think about how you would model
-- with the tools that you have already at your disposal --
a completely smooth Genus-2 Object ( = two-hole torus).
-- ( genus = number of holes in a disk, or number of handles attached to a sphere).

DUE: MON 8/31/06, 10:40am.
You don't actually have to build a CAD model for this shape,
but think through all the steps that you would have to go through,
and estimate how long it might take you.
In a couple of paragraphs, write down your thoughts on how you would do this
and bring that write-up to next class;
also be prepared to explain your approach in a few sentences.

Next Reading Assignment:

"RC" = Rockwood & Chambers
skim: RC pp 1-19;
review: RC pp 20-30;
read in preparation for next time: RC pp 31-48.

You should find access to a Windows machine and download the CAGD_LAB  from:


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