Art, Geometry, and Abstract Sculpture

Computer Graphics, Art, Math, Geometry, and Abstract Sculpture are closely related. In the activities below we are trying to transcend the boundaries between these fields.

ART-MATH Conferences

Art Exhibits

Science-Math Sculptures

Sculptures inspired by Science or Mathematics

Abstract Sculptures

A small sampling of great contemporary sculptures.

The Beauty of Knots

Turning mathematical knots into geometrical sculptures; some recent results.

"Rainbow Bit" Sculpture

The story of the CD-ROM sculpture in Soda Hall

Scherk-Collins Sculpture Generator

My original parameterized program to generate Scherk-Collins towers and toroids.

Art by Carlo Séquin

A pictorial gallery of my own efforts with physical structures.

FermiLab Art Exhibit

Sculpture Models exhibited at the FermiLab Art Gallery from May 13 till July 7, 1998.

Science - Art Exhibit

Sculpture Models exhibited at "Science in the Arts -- Art in the Sciences", June, 1999.

Minimum-Variation Surfaces

Work with Henry Moreton to find a functional that encodes the fairness of surfaces.

Geometry and Topology

Klein Bottles, Boy's Surface, and Zonohedra also have an aesthetic appeal.

Links to Other Art Sites

Galleries, Organizations, Individual Artists.

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