"Science in the Arts -- Art in the Sciences"
in the Museum for Contemporary Art, June-July 1999

Below are descriptions of small scale models of sculptures designed on Sequin's sculpture generator, an interactive computer program with which various constellations of toroidal rings and arches of saddle-chains can be investigated and optimized. For more information, contact  Carlo H. Séquin

"Minimal Saddle Trefoil"
Designed by Carlo Sequin with the goal to find the tightest configuration
by which a chain of 3 saddles could be closed into a toroidal ring.
Specifications: 3 stories, 2nd-order saddles, 270 degrees twist.
Realization: 6" diameter, Stereolithography master by Metalcast Engineering;
from which via a 5-part mold a bronze sculpture was cast by Steve Reinmuth.

Designed in collaboration by Carlo Sequin and Brent Collins
as a model for a large wood sculpture.
Specifications: 7 stories, 4th-order saddles, 135 degrees twist.
Realization: 3" diameter, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS);
courtesy Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin.

"Monkey Cinquefoil"
Designed by Carlo Sequin with the goal to find a pleasing configuration
of 5 monkey-saddles closed into a toroidal ring with a single edge.
Specifications: 5 stories, 3rd-order saddles, 60 degrees twist.
Realization: 7" diameter, Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM);
courtesy Malmberg Engineering, Livermore, CA.

"Woven Quad"
Designed by Carlo Sequin to demonstrate that structures are possible
that pass twice around the toroidal loop and interlock without intersection.
Specifications: 9 stories, 4th.-order saddles, 45 degrees twist.
Realization: 5" diameter, Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM);
courtesy Stratasys Corporation, San Jose, CA.

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