The focus of the Muller Lab is to develop implantable microelectronic systems that directly interface with the brain, monitor and treat neurological disorders, enable fundamental neuroscientific discovery. Today, neuroscientists and clinical researchers lack the tools they need for the research of neurological disorders. Our research develops tools for advanced study of the brain, as well as autonomous devices that will monitor, diagnose, treat and in the long term even cure disease. The devices we develop are comprised of integrated microsystems and circuits that are miniaturized, wireless, remotely powered and have embedded intelligence to learn the signatures of disease and treat on demand. Such tools will enable a wealth of patient data that cannot be accessed today and will open to door to significant scientific discovery and new treatment paradigms of neurological disorders.

Project Areas

  1. Closed-loop Neuromodulation

  2. Advanced tools for Optogenetics

  3. Peripheral Nerve Interfaces

  4. Intelligent Drug Delivery Systems

  5. Wearable Health Monitoring