Assignment #2: Research Safari on EECS 2000 Conference

(Assigned 7 February, due 14 February)

"Safari: an organized journey to look at, or sometimes hunt, wild animals, especially in Africa." Cambridge On-Line Dictionary.

"An expedition, a journey organized for a particular purpose."
"A scouting trip, an expedition organized to gain information."
"An exploration, an expedition organized for the purpose of discovery."

On February 10-11, 2000, the EECS Department is organizing the EECS Y2K Conference. Graduate students will be presenting posters and giving presentations on their research in several locations in Soda and Cory Halls on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

Your assignment is to go "on safari" in search of the most relevant technologies and research projects related to the seminar's theme of deeply networked systems. This includes networking, system software, MEMS, integrated circuits, optical communications, etc. We especially encourage computer scientists to explore the "Dark Continent" of Cory Hall and EE students to do the same for Soda Hall.

As an initial effort in developing the course's Knowledge Web, prepare a web page that includes links to the top five projects/technologies you observed, with your annotation/analysis as to why they are important for deeply networked systems. Provide the URL to your page to the Instructors for inclusion in the course's Knowledge Web.

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