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Tiny Operating Systems


Sensor Nets

Sensor Information Technology:
     Oct 99 workshop:
     SCADDS (ISI/W) --  Estrin\
          Directed diffussion
     GRASP (UCLA/CS) --  Zhang
     Dynamic Decrative Networking DDNC (MIT-LL) -- Van Hook
     DSN (UCLA/EE-ISI/E) -- Srivastava
     WINS (Sensorweb) -- Kaiser:
     Reactive Sensor Networks - Rob Brooks, Penn State
     Dynamic Sensor Networks - Brian Schott PI, Bob Parker (USC/ISI), Mani Srivastava (UCLA), Mark Jones (Virginia Tech)
     SmartDust - Kris Pister http://robotics.EECS.Berkeley.EDU/~pister/SmartDust/
          macro motes: http://www-bsac.EECS.Berkeley.EDU/~shollar/macro_motes/macromotes.html

Smart Spaces

Smart Media Spaces Project at FXPAL
Smart Spaces Project at MIT Media Laboratory
DARPA Workshop on Smart Spaces (October 1998)
Craig Partridge's Presentation on Smart Spaces
NIST Smart Spaces Testbed Presentation
NIST Pervasive Computing Overview Presentation
Bill Mark's Paper on "Turning Pervasive Computing into Mediated Spaces", IBM System Journal, V 38, N 4. (Table of contents for Pervasive Computing issue)
IBM's Pervasive Computing Web Site

Wearable Computing

Swedish Wearables Hyperlink Site
Steve Mann's Wearable Computing Web Page
CMU's VuMan Project Web Page
Xybernaut Wearable Computer Product Web Page
Vaughn Pratt's Stanford Wearable Computer Page
Mobile Networks and Applications Journal Special Issue on Wearable Computers, V 4, N 1, (1999)
Wearables Webring;list

 Location Awareness

Presentation on Technology for Location Awareness

Service Discovery/Architecture

IETF Service Location Protocol
IETF Service Invitation Protocol
HP E"speak
Jini Lookup Protocol
IBM T-Spaces
UCB Service Discovery Service

Large-Scale Internet Service Architectures

HPC meets .com: The Convergence of Supercomputing and Super-Internet Architectures

Home Networking

Home Toys
.com Home
University of Alberta Intelligent Home Project
Home Automation Links
Microsoft's Home Networking Web Page
Universal Plug and Play
HAVi (Home A/V Interoperability)
HomePNA (Home Phoneline Networking Alliance)
Residential Gateway

 Low-Power Wireless Networks and Network Stack Design

Personal Devices

Tiny Devices

Ethernet Cameras

Web- and Ethernet-connected Cameras Product Page
Axis Communications Self-Contained Web Camera

WebCam Central

Tiny Servers

Sensor Devices

Interesting Building Blocks

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
Net+ARM Single Chip Ethernet-capable Microprocessor
Echelon LonWorks
X10 Gadget Catalog
More X10 Gadgets
Firewire (IEEE 1394)
Java Car
Ethernet in Control Applications Article
Omnidirectional Video Cameras

Sustainable Computing

Power harvesting
National Power Usage and IT Growth

Active Bardges, Radio Tags


Address-Free Routing


Telemetry, Management and Maintenance


Local Algorithms for Global Coordination

Ant Colony Optimization:


PIC processors

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