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For those people who currently seem to bear an unusual resemblance to Dilbert, I'll try to bring the camera to class sometime to rectify that situation.

Please note that your appearance on this roster does not mean that you are "officially" enrolled in the class. It is your responsibility to make sure that your are actually enrolled thru Tele-Bears.

Patterson, Dave patterson@cs
Fromm, Rich rfromm@cs

Andre, David dandre@cs
Bowers, Heather hbowers@eecs
Bowman, Wangeci bowman@cs
Cardwell, Neal neal@cs
Caspi, Eylon eylon@eecs
Chang, Nancy nchang@cs
Dao, Khang khangdao@cory.eecs
Darcy, Joe darcy@cs
Foster, Jeff jfoster@cs
Gay, David dgay@cs
Gebis, Joe gebis@cory.eecs
Gibson, David dag@cs
Golbus, Jason jgolbus@cory.eecs
Gribstad, Ben gribstad@cory.eecs
Isles, Adrian aji@eecs
Kozyrakis, Christoforos kozyraki@cs
Kusse, Eric ekusse@zabriskie.eecs
Law, Nathan hoangla@cory.eecs
Li, Suet-Fei suetfei@cory.eecs
Manku, Gurmeet manku@cs
Martin, David dmartin@cs
Parks, David davidp@cs
Passerone, Roberto roby@ic.eecs
Pasula, Hanna pasula@cs
Prasad, Mukul mukul@eecs
Romer, Cynthia cromer@cs
Smith, Jordan jordans@cs
Tang, Stephen stang@eecs
Taylor, Tajh tajh@cs
Tsu, William punsin@cory.eecs
Wang, Helen helenjw@cs
Wang, Kevin kevinw@cory.eecs
Weaver, Nick nweaver@cs
Wendelken, Carter carterw@cs
Yu, Yizhou yyz@cs
Zapata, Charles zapata@cory.eecs
Zhang, Hui hui@eecs

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