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We have acquired a 2 GB disk for use by the class during the course of the semester. The disk is at /disks/stampede/sandbox2/. This will (hopefully) very shortly be accessible from the dawn machines on the NOW cluster. The machines dawn0 through dawn31, which are SPARC workstations running Solaris 2.4, can be used for cs252 project work. This space has to be shared amongst the whole class. I will not be setting up any quotas, so you're on your own to be courteous to others. (I will try to set something up that periodically collects stats on disk usage, so you can see who's hogging all of the space.) Make sure not to leave large core files laying around, and use local scratch space for large, temporary files. The following scratch areas (i.e. not backed up) are available:

Everyone in the class will have directories within /disks/stampede/sandbox2/cs252/. For those of you that already have CS accounts, when you log into the dawn machines, your home directory will be the same as what it currently is. For those of you that have guest accounts (which will expire once the semester is over), you home directory will be within /disks/stampede/sandbox2/cs252/.

There is a generic class directory, /disks/stampede/sandbox2/cs252/cs252/. Various tidbits of information, including links to tools, benchmarks, and other useful directories, can be found there.

Some of you have much more disk space available to you than others. If you do not really need to use the disk space on stampede, please consider using space elsewhere so that those students whose home directories are on file systems that are always stuck at 100% capacity have more of an opportunity for space. Remember that you all have 20 MB of storage available on the instructional machines.

Note that you are not limited to using just the dawn machines for cs252 work. You can use any resources that are at your disposal - this department has a wide variety of machines, including SPARC, HP, DEC MIPS, DEC Alpha, SGI, and x86. Some tools work on some machines and not on others.

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