Module Dataflow

module Dataflow: sig .. end
A framework for data flow analysis for CIL code. Before using this framework, you must initialize the Control-flow Graph for your program, e.g using Cfg.computeFileCFG

type 'a action =
| Default (*The default action*)
| Done of 'a (*Do not do the default action. Use this result*)
| Post of ('a -> 'a) (*The default action, followed by the given transformer*)

type 'a stmtaction =
| SDefault (*The default action*)
| SDone (*Do not visit this statement or its successors*)
| SUse of 'a (*Visit the instructions and successors of this statement as usual, but use the specified state instead of the one that was passed to doStmt*)

type 'a guardaction =
| GDefault (*The default state*)
| GUse of 'a (*Use this data for the branch*)
| GUnreachable (*The branch will never be taken.*)
module type ForwardsTransfer = sig .. end
module ForwardsDataFlow: 
functor (T : ForwardsTransfer) -> sig .. end
module type BackwardsTransfer = sig .. end
module BackwardsDataFlow: 
functor (T : BackwardsTransfer) -> sig .. end
val find_stmts : Cil.fundec -> Cil.stmt list * Cil.stmt list
Returns (all_stmts, sink_stmts), where all_stmts is a list of the statements in a function, and sink_stmts is a list of the return statments (including statements that fall through the end of a void function). Useful when you need an initial set of statements for BackwardsDataFlow.compute.