Fly with Me

I am a private pilot with about 300 hours of flight experience since 2018. I fly with my friends in small airplanes to explore fun destinations across California and beyond. My Instagram stories documents some of these adventures.

Where do you fly?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do you fly from?
    My home base is Palo Alto Airport. I am a member of the West Valley Flying Club.

  • What aircraft do you fly?
    I fly single-engine piston aircrafts like the Cessna 182 (e.g. N65504) and the Diamond Star DA-40 (e.g. N660PS).

  • How many people can you take?
    Including myself the airplane seats four people max.

  • How much does it cost?
    I do not charge passengers since this is not a commercial service. We share the rental cost. It is usually around $200 per flight hour.

  • How high do you fly & Is it cold up there?
    We usually cruise at between 5,000 to 10,000 feet (in comparison the airliners cruise at 33,000 feet). It is usually 5–10 degrees cooler than on the ground. There is heating inside the airplane (but no A/C).

  • How fast & far can you fly?
    Typical cruise speed is about 140 knots (160 mph), which means 1 hour to Tahoe, 2 hours to LA, or 3 hours to San Diego or Las Vegas. Any trip longer than these probably needs a fuel stop.

  • Can I use my phone?
    Yes—because we fly low to the ground, cellular signal is usually excellent.

Frank Sifei Luan
Frank Sifei Luan
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