Flying Milestones

  • 11/2/2014: First Introductory Flight. Chicago, Illinois. Cessna 172N. My first time sitting in the pilot seat in a Cessna 172.
  • 3/19/2018: First Flying Lesson. Cessna 152. Palo Alto, California.
  • 6/23/2018: First Solo. Cessna 152. Three traffic patterns.
  • 9/30/2018: First Solo Cross Country. Cessna 152. Palo Alto -> Modesto, California. Was a bit rattled by some mountain turbulence and confusing ATC vectors over the Livermore hills.
  • 2/19/2019: Private Pilot Check Ride. Cessna 152. Sacramento Mather, California. Saw a Coast Guard F-18 in the pattern. Officially a licensed pilot!
  • 2/23/2019: First Flight Taking a Passenger. Cessna 152. Palo Alto -> Half Moon Bay, California.
  • 3/17/2019: Checkout in a Cessna 172. So that I could take more than one passengers.
  • 3/23/2019: Checkout in Chicago. Cessna 172N. Lansing, Illinois. First Chicago Skyline Tour Flight.
  • 4/10/2019: First San Francisco Class B Airspace Transition. First Bay Tour. (Did several dozens more in the next few months.)
  • 5/19/2019: First Flight in Marginal Weather. Dodged some clouds and some light-moderate precipitation cells.
  • 6/9/2019: Checkout in a Diamond Star DA-40. The most beautiful sunset in bay tours.
  • 7/28/2019: First Trip to Southern California. DA-40. 151nm to San Luis Obispo, California (KSBP). Went into reserve fuel on the return trip.
  • 9/6/2019: First Overnight Cross Country Trip. DA-40. 179nm to Shelter Cove, California (0Q5). Approach to Rwy 12 with very low overcast on top of the runway (but clear on the approach path).
  • 10/13/2019: First Night Cross Country Trip. DA-40. 133nm to Little River, California (KLLR). Full moon flight.
  • 11/7/2019: Mountain checkout in a Cessna 182. KTVL, KTRK, KBLU.
  • 8/2/2020: First Crossing of the Sierra Nevada. Cessna 182. Crossed Tioga Pass at 11500ft (1500ft AGL) to Lee Vining, California (O24).
  • 3/13/2021: First Cross-Country Ski Trip. Cessna 182. 156nm to Mammoth Lakes, California (KMMH). First runway excursion incident due to brake overheating.
  • 4/15/2021: First Ocean Crossing. Cessna 182. 22nm to Catalina Island, California (KAVX).
  • 6/12/2021: First Flight to Nevada. Cessna 182. 350nm to North Las Vegas, Nevada (KVGT).
Frank Sifei Luan
Frank Sifei Luan
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