Squid, exhausted and dying, Ulua Beach, January 1986, Nikonos V. I found this animal in the early morning,in water about 15 feet deep directly in front of the center of Ulua Beach. After I photograhed it, to keep it out of the hands of the wave of snorkelers who would come later in the morning, I moved it to much deeper water, well out from shore. Reading about the fate of another Neon Flying Squid-- thirty years later on nearby Charley Young Beach, I am very happy I did that. click here
Notice the membrane attached to the right-most leg in the photograph. In addition to producing a cloud of sand particles, the flow of water from the animal's siphon is causing the membrane to billow outward-- to the right of the leg, making the leg appear quite thick. The billowing membrane extends around the bottom of the leg, where it continues well out to the left, ending in a very straight edge with a square corner. Another membrane can be seen slightly to the left, between another pair of legs. During flight, the animal spreads its legs, deploying these membranes as sails or airfoils. click here
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