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AB Biological Sciences 1956, Stanford
MS Electrical Engineering 1957, Stanford
ENG Electrical Engineering (Biomedical Electronics) 1959, Stanford
PhD Electrical Engineering (Physical Electronics) 1962, Stanford

Professional Career

1961-67: Member of research staff, Laboratory for Automata Research, Librascope Div, General Precision Inc
Research on modeling (reverse engineering) of cellular neuroelectric phenomena and small neural networks

1967 - present: University of California, Berkeley.
Member, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Graduate Groups in Neurobiology, Biophysics and Bioengineering

Activities at the University of California

1969-77 Director, Biomedical Engineering Training Program

1973-76 Chair, Faculty Senate Committee on Research

1977-82 Associate Dean, Graduate Division (interim Dean, spring/summer 1979)

1977-82 Principal Investigator, Berkeley Campus Biomedical Research Support Grant

1979-85 Member Scientific and Educational Advisory Board, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

1982-83 Founded (with SA Berger and S Glantz) the Joint UCSF/UCB Graduate Program in Bioengineering

1988-91 Chairman of the Executive Comittee of the Joint UCB/UCSF Graduate Program in Bioengineering

1988-96 Associate Dean for Interdisciplinary Studies, College of Engineering

1994-99 Professor in the Graduate School, U.C. Berkeley.

1994-96 Established (with J Casey) the Engineering Science Undeclared option for enterring freshman

1999- Professor emeritus


Neurosciences Research Program Summer Fellow 1966, 1969

UC Berkeley Citation for Distinguished Teaching, 1972

Fellow, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

Jacob Javits Neuroscience Investigator Award 1984-1991

Fellow, Acoustical Society of America

The Berkeley Citation, 1997

Emeritus Fellow, Biomedical Engineering Society

Most-recent Publications

Lewis ER, Narins PM, Jarvis JUM, Bronner G, Mason MJ (2006) Preliminary evidence for the use of microseismic cues for navigation by the Namib golden mole. J Acoust Soc Am 119 1260-1268.

Lewis ER, MacGregor RJ (2006) On determinism, chaos, and small-number particle systems in the brain. J. Int Neurosci 5 223-247.

Sneary MG, Lewis ER (2007) Tuning properties of turtle auditory nerve fibers: Evidence for suppression and adaptation. Hearing Res 228 22-30.

Lewis ER, MacGregor RJ (2010) A natural science approach to consciousness. J. Int Neurosci 9 153-191.

Lewis ER (2012) To learn about nature look to nature itself. Proc IEEE 100 1268-1270.

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