Research Group

Current Ph.D. Students (Alphabetical Order)

Baihe Huang (joint with Mike Jordan)

Druv Pai

Nived Rajaraman (joint with Kannan Ramchandran)

Tianhao Wu (joint with Kannan Ramchandran)

Geng Zhao (joint with Christian Borgs)

Banghua Zhu (joint with Mike Jordan)

Hanlin Zhu (joint with Stuart Russell)

Former Ph.D. Students

Paria Rashidinejad (joint with Stuart Russell)

Current Master Students

Justin Shao

Former Master students

Bryan Chen, now at Google

Current Undergraduate Students

Evan Frick

Former Undergraduate Students

Raaid Elmelegy (TTE intern 2022, student mentor Tianhao Wu)

Afnan Khawaja (TTE intern 2021, student mentor Banghua Zhu)

Sahana Rayan (SUPERB intern, student mentor Banghua Zhu), now at University of Michigan