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UCB Human-Centered Computing Retreat

Granlibakken Conference Center, Lake Tahoe
Weds 5th - Fri 7th July, 2000

This was the third retreat held by the Human-Centered Computing consortium (HCC). HCC is a group of faculty from many departments interested in the design and implications of computer systems in context. The first retreat was held summer of '99 at Lake Tahoe, the second on the Berkeley Campus. The main HCC project page is here.

Talks and Summaries (mostly Powerpoint):

Weds, July 5
1:30-2:00 Introduction, Workplan for the retreat - John Canny
2:00-3:00 Lightning research overviews: Interaction
   Multi-modal Interface Design - James Landay
   Designing Information-Rich Web Sites - Melody Ivory
   A Universal Planar Manipulator - John Canny
3:30-5:00 Lightning research overviews: Education and Collaboration
   Computers and Engineering Design - Alice Agogino
   Nomadic and Problem-Based Learning - James Landay
   Enhancing Classroom Interactivity - John Canny
   Collaboration in Large, Distributed Communities - Warren Sack
   Collaborative Filtering and Collective Action - Ken Goldberg
7:30-later Poster presentations
   Demin - Jimmy Lin
   Meeting Recorder - Adam Janin
   Satin - Jason Hong
   WebTango - Melody Ivory
Thurs, July 6
8:30-9:30 Education and collaboration challenges - panel
9:30-10:30 Multi-modal and context-aware challenges - panel
   Challenges in Multimodal and Context-Aware Computing - Ken Fishkin
   Context-aware Computing - John Canny
11:00-12:00 Digital divide and social issues challenges - panel
   Beyond the Digital Divide - Ilkka Tuomi
16:00-18:00 Breakouts
   Issues for MM/Context breakout - James Landay
   Issues for Education/Collaboration - Alice Agogino
Friday, July 7
10:30-11:15 Reports from Breakout groups
   Context/Multimodal summary - James Landay
   Education/Collaboration Breakout summary - Dan Glaser

The breakout topics were: