HCC People

From Computer Science From Electrical Engineering
  John Canny   Ron Fearing
  Jerry Feldman   Nelson Morgan
  Brian Barsky   Kris Pister
  David Forsyth   Avideh Zakhor
  Anthony Joseph
  Randy Katz From GSE: Graduate School of Education
  James Landay
  Jitendra Malik   Andy diSessa
  Steve McCanne   Marcia Linn
  Larry Rowe
  Stuart Russell From SIMS: School of Information Management and Systems
  Carlo Sequin
  Robert Wilensky   Marti Hearst
  Peter Lyman
From Linguistics   Hal varian
  George Lakoff
From Sociology
From IEOR: Industrial Engineering and Operations Research   Manuel Castells
  Claude Fischer
  Ken Goldberg
From Mechanical Engineering
From Psychology   Homi Kazerooni
  Jerry Mendelsohn   Paul Wright