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Articles about the UPM in the media [reverse chronological order]:

Universal Manipulator Does Chess, by timothy/SillyWilly, Slashdot, 7/31/01 [cached]
Shaky Table Top Sorts Parts, by Kim Patch, Technology Research News Magazine, 10/25/00 [cached]
Scientists' Magic Table Like a "Dining Room in an Earthquake" by Adam Pasick, Fox News, 10/9/00 [cached]
Table Top Tricks, by Mark Ward, BBC-UK, 10/6/00  [cached]
The Universal Planar Manipulator, by Hemos/macsox, Slashdot, 10/5/00 [cached]
Shaky Legs, by Duncan Graham-Grove, New Scientist Magazine, 10/5/00 [cached]
Vibrator Tech Moves Earth, by Leander Kahney, Wired News, 10/4/00 [cached
Good Vibrations Help Move Objects, by Bernice Ng, The UC-Berkeley Daily Cal, 9/13/00 [cached]

Non-english articles:

"Tischlein, deck dich" per Mausklick (in German), by Wolfgang C. Goede, P.M. Magazin, June 2001
Vibratietechnologie beweegt hemel en huis (in Dutch), PTT Post, 10/9/00, [cached]
"Magischer Tisch" schafft selber Ordnung (in German), by Von Dörte Sasse, Die Welt, 10/7/00, [cached]
ˇSe acabó el desorden! (in Spanish), BBC-UK, 10/6/00 [cached]
Passa o Sal Nunca Mais (in Portuguese), by Fernanda Diniz, Revista2k, 10/6/00
Des bureaux qui déplacent les objets tous seuls (in French), by Pamela, DaLinuxFrenchPage, 10/5/00 [cached]
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