CS 267 Lectures: Spring 2006

  • Lecture 1: Introduction
  • Lecture 2: High Performance Programming on a Single Processor: Memory Hierarchies, Matrix Multiplication, and Automatic Performance Tuning
  • Lecture 2 (cont): Automatic Performance Tuning
  • Lecture 3 Introduction to Parallel Machines and Programming Models
  • Lecture 4 Shared Memory Machines and Programming; Example of Sharks and Fish
    Sharks and Fish code to discuss in lecture
  • Lecture 5 Distributed Memory Machines and Programming
    MPI Programming (based on longer 2005 lecture of Bill Saphir)
  • Lecture 6 Sources of Parallelism and Locality in Simulation (part 1)
  • Lecture 7 Sources of Parallelism and Locality in Simulation (part 2)
    Tricks with Trees
  • Lecture 8 Dense Linear Algebra - Part 1 (Parallel Matrix Multiplication)
  • Lecture 9 Dense Linear Algebra - Part 2 (Parallel Gaussian Elimination and other algorithms)
    The Future of LAPACK and ScaLAPACK
  • Lecture 10 Floating Point Arithmetic
  • Lecture 11 Guest lecture by David Anderson on Volunteer Computing (the technology behind SETI@home and related applications)
  • Lecture 12 Graph Partitioning
  • Lecture 13 (completion of Lecture 12)
  • Lecture 14 Guest lecture by Katherine Yelick on Programming in UPC (Unified Parallel C)
  • Lecture 15 Solving PDEs: The Poisson Equation - Part 1
  • Lecture 16 Solving PDEs: The Poisson Equation - Part 2
  • Lecture 17 Unstructured Multigrid, based on work of Mark Adams
  • Lecture 18 Guest lecture by Katherine Yelick on Simulation of the Heart and other Organs
  • Lecture 19 Hierarchical Methods for the N-Body Problem
  • Lecture 20 Guest lecture by Kimmen Sjolander on Structural Phylogenomic Analysis
  • Lecture 21 Guest lecture by Julian Borrill on Cosmic Microwave Background Data Analysis
  • Lecture 22 Load Balancing
    Class Project Ideas
  • Lecture 23 Guest lecture by Wes Bethel on Parallelism in Graphics and Visualization
    Suggested visualization tool to use for class projects: VisIt
  • Lecture 24 Guest lecture by Phil Colella on Adaptive Mesh Refinement
  • Lecture 25 Guest lecture by David Skinner on Parallel Application Scaling, Performance and Efficiency
  • Lecture 26 Guest lecture by Osni Marques and Tony Drummond on the DOE ACTS (Advanced ComputTational Software Collection), Part 1 and Part 2
  • Lecture 27 Guest lecture by Xiaoye Sherry Li on parallel direct solvers for sparse systems of linear equations.
    See also here for a survey of available sparse direct solvers.
  • Lecture 28 Guest lecture by Andrew Canning on computational nanoscience
  • Lecture 29 BEBOP: Optimizing the performance of iterative solvers for sparse linear systems and eigenvalue problems
  • Lecture 30 Guest lecture by Michael Wehner on Modeling and Predicting Climate Change
    Movie (.avi) of global surface air temperature change from 1872 to 2189 (150 MBytes)
    Movie (.avi) of simulated Atlantic hurricane (11 MBytes)
  • Lecture 31 Progress in Supercomputing: Top 3 Breakthroughs of the Last 20 years, and the Top 3 Challenges of the Next 20 years (based on a lecture by Horst Simon)