CS267 Class Roster

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Student Name Email addresss Phone Enrollment Department Problem to parallelize
Jonathan Baker jbaker@coma.berkeley.edu 2-6110 will enroll Astronomy cosmology, galaxy evolution or different
Edward Wesley Bethel (Wes) ewbethel@lbl.gov 486-7353 auditting Computer Scientist, LBNL
Linda Braly linda@cluster.cchem.berkeley.edu 2-1047 enrolled chemistry eigenvalue problem for a multi-dimensional quantum mechanical system
Owen Carmichaelpope@cory.eecs 649-1758 will enroll EECS electromagnetic simulation on IBM SP1
Tzu-Yi Chen tzuyi@cs.berkeley.edu 3-6763 enrolled CS possibly porting GATOR
Chris Downingdowning@econ 233-7851(h) enrolled Economics Random parameters logit models to model consumer choice
Cliff Draper cliffwd@icsi.berkeley.ed 869-3462 auditting ICSI
Raymond Fellers rsf@uclink3.berkeley.edu 2-1047 will enroll chemistry
Robert Fisher bobf@physics.berkeley.edu 649-1068 undecided Physics finite element hydro code
Jeffrey Forbes jforbes@cs.berkeley.edu 642-203 enrolled CS dynamic probabilistic networks
Andy C. Hsia hsiacc@euler.me 642-3787 enrolled Mechanical Engineering 3D finite element analysis
Holger Klawitter holger@icsi.berkeley.edu 6424274x116 audittingICSI (CS) parallel debugging
Nick Kralevich nickkral@parker.eecs 883-9891 enrolled EECSMPEG encoding
Kyle G. Lundstedt klund@haas.berkeley.edu 2-8543 enrolled Haas School of BusinessMonte Carlo, heat equation, portfolio optimization
Hung Manh Nguyen nhm@po.eecs.berkeley.edu 4157156810 enrolled EECS
Tatsuhito Matsushima matusima@cfd.me auditting Mech. Eng., Post Doc3D spectral fortran code
Masood Mortazavi mortazav@math 848-8656 undecided Logic and Methodology of Science Groupfinite element solution of 2D heat transfer
Morgan Oslake oslake@langmuir.eecs 642-1297 may enroll EECS Eigenproblem for waveguides
Sayed Mustafa Oyumi sayed@euler.berkeley.edu enrolled Mechanical Engineeringphase change problems at a molecular level
Stylianos Perissakis sper@cs 643-8229 auditting CScomputing inductance and capacitance of 3D structures
G. Michael Schneider mschneid@fenwaysparc.cs.berkeley.edu 3-4206 Visiting scholar (from Macalester College, St. Paul, MN) Math & CS
(Elaine) Randi Thomas randit@cs 642-1266 auditting/enroll CS
Jonathan Walden walden@math 526-8577 enrolled/undecided Math