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This index contains technical terms and primitive procedures. Other sources of information are the index of defined procedures, which contains procedures whose definitions are in the text and procedures that you are asked to write as exercises; the glossary, which defines many technical terms; and the Alphabetical Table of Scheme Primitives on page funlist.


#f Ch6
#t Ch6
' Ch5
* FunList
+ FunList
- Ch6, FunList
/ FunList
< Ch6
<= Ch6
= Ch6
> Ch6
>= Ch6
Abelson, Harold Ch13, Ch26
abs Ch6
abstract data type Ch16, Ch17, Ch18, Ch25
accumulate Ch8, Ch8, Ch19
actual argument Ch4
actual argument expression Ch4
actual argument value Ch4
ADT Ch16, Ch18, Ch25
align Ch20
and Ch6, Ch6
append Ch17
apply Ch17
argument, actual Ch4
arguments, variable number of Ch17
arithmetic function Ch2
assoc Ch17
association list Ch17
atomic expression Ch3
base case Ch11
base cases, simplifying Ch12
before? Ch6
begin Ch20
bf Ch5
binary number Ch15
bl Ch5
Bonne, Rose Credits
boolean? Ch6
Boole, George Ch2
branch node Ch18
bridge points ProjBridge
butfirst Ch5
butlast Ch5
cadr Ch17
car Ch17
Carroll, Lewis Ch4, Credits
case, base Ch11
case, recursive Ch11
cdr Ch17
ceiling FunList
chalkboard model Ch7
child (in spreadsheet program) Ch25
children Ch18
clause, cond Ch6
Clinger, William Ch22
close-all-ports Ch22
close-input-port Ch22
close-output-port Ch22
complexity, control of Ch1
composition of functions Part2, Ch4
compound expression Ch3, Ch3
compound procedure Ch1
computing, symbolic Ch1
cond clause Ch6
cond Ch6, Ch10, Ch20
cons Ch17
constant, named Ch7
control of complexity Ch1
conversational program Ch20
cos FunList
count Ch8
c...r Ch17
data file Ch22
data structure Ch10
data type, abstract Ch16, Ch17, Ch18, Ch25
datum Ch18
define Ch4, Ch9
definition, global Ch9
diagram, plumbing Ch3, Ch3
display Ch20, Ch22
Dodgson, Charles Credits
effect, side Ch20
else Ch6
empty? Ch6
empty sentence Ch5, Ch6
end-of-file object Ch22
eof-object? Ch22
equal? Ch6
error FunList
error messages Ch1
eval Ch25
evaluation, order of Ch3, Ch3
even? FunList
every Ch8, Ch8
exclusive, mutually Ch6
exit Ch1
expression, actual argument Ch4
expression, atomic Ch3, Ch3
expression, compound Ch3, Ch3
expression, self-evaluating Ch3, Ch3, Ch5, Ch5
expt FunList
extensions to Scheme Ch5, InitFile
Fibonacci numbers Ch13
file, data Ch22
file-map Ch22
filter Ch17, Ch19
first Ch5
floor FunList
for-each Ch20
formal parameter Ch4
form, special Ch4, Ch5, Ch6, Ch6, Ch6, Ch7, Ch9, Ch13, Ch20
Freud, Sigmund Ch26
Friedman, Daniel P. Ch23
functional programming Ch2, Part2, Ch7, Ch20
function, arithmetic Ch2
function as argument Ch8
function as data Ch2
function composition Part2, Ch4
function, higher-order Ch2, Ch8, Ch17, Ch19
function machine Ch3, Ch3, Ch8
functions Ch21
function, unnamed Ch9
function vs. procedure Ch4, Ch8
generalization Ch4, Ch19, Ch22
global variable Ch9
Harvey, Brian Ch13
helper procedure Ch14
higher-order function Ch2, Ch8, Ch17, Ch19
if Ch6, Ch6
imperative programming Ch23
indentation Ch1, Ch3
infix notation Ch18
initialization procedure Ch14
integer? FunList
interactive programming Ch20
interface, user Ch20
item Ch8
keep Ch8, Ch8
keep pattern Ch14
lambda Ch9
last Ch5
Latin, Pig Ch1, Ch11
leaf node Ch18
length Ch17
let Ch7
lines of a program Ch1
list, association Ch17
list Ch17
list? Ch17
list->vector Ch23
list-ref Ch17
list, structured Ch17, Ch19
little people Ch7, Ch13
load FunList
local variable Ch7
log FunList
machine, function Ch3, Ch3, Ch8
make-node Ch18
make-vector Ch23
Manilow, Barry Ch5
map Ch17
Marx, Karl Ch26
matcher, pattern Ch16
max FunList
member Ch17
member? Ch6, Ch6
Mills, Alan Credits
min FunList
model, chalkboard Ch7
moon, phase of the Ch13
mutually exclusive Ch6
mutual recursion Ch18
named constant Ch7
naming a value Ch7, Ch9
newline Ch20, Ch22
node, branch Ch18
node, leaf Ch18
node, root Ch18
not Ch6
null? Ch17
number, binary Ch15
number? Ch6
numbers, Fibonacci Ch13
object, end-of-file Ch22
odd? FunList
open-input-file Ch22
open-output-file Ch22
or Ch6
order of evaluation Ch3, Ch3
parameter, formal Ch4
parameter, rest Ch17
parentheses, for cond clauses Ch6
parentheses, for let variables Ch7
parentheses, for procedure invocation Ch1, Ch3, Ch3, Ch8
parent (in spreadsheet program) Ch25
pattern: keep Ch14
pattern matcher Ch16
pattern, recursive Ch14
phase of the moon Ch13
Pig Latin Ch1, Ch11
Pisano, Leonardo Ch13
plumbing diagram Ch3, Ch3
points, bridge ProjBridge
prefix notation Ch18
primitive procedure Ch1
printed twice, return value Ch13
printing Ch20, Ch20
procedure as argument Ch8
procedure, compound Ch1
procedure, helper Ch14
procedure, higher-order Ch19
procedure, initialization Ch14
procedure, primitive Ch1
procedure? FunList
procedure vs. function Ch4, Ch8
program, conversational Ch20
programming, functional Ch2, Part2, Ch7, Ch20
programming, imperative Ch23
programming, interactive Ch20
programming, symbolic Ch1
quotation marks, double Ch5
quote Ch5
quotient FunList
random Ch23, FunList
read Ch20, Ch22
read-line Ch20, Ch22
read-string Ch22
recursion   see recursion
recursion, mutual Ch18
recursion, tree Ch18
recursive case Ch11
recursive pattern Ch14
reduce Ch17, Ch19
Rees, Jonathan Ch22
remainder FunList
repeated Ch8
replacement, result Ch3, Ch3
rest parameter Ch17
result replacement Ch3, Ch3
root node Ch18
round FunList
Scheme, extensions to Ch5, InitFile
se Ch5
self-evaluating expression Ch3, Ch3, Ch5, Ch5
sentence Ch5
sentence? Ch6
sentence, empty Ch5, Ch6
show Ch20, Ch22, Ch22
show-line Ch20, Ch22
side effect Ch20
simplifying base cases Ch12
sin FunList
special form Ch4, Ch5, Ch6, Ch6, Ch6, Ch7, Ch9, Ch13, Ch20
sqrt FunList
string Ch5
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs Ch26
structure, data Ch10
structured list Ch17, Ch19
substitution Ch7
substitution model and global variables Ch9
Sussman, Gerald Jay Ch13, Ch26
Sussman, Julie Ch13, Ch26
symbolic programming Ch1
trace Ch13
tree recursion Ch18
type, abstract Ch16, Ch17, Ch18, Ch25
unnamed function Ch9
untrace Ch13
user interface Ch20
value, actual argument Ch4
variable, global Ch9
variable, local Ch7
variable number of arguments Ch17
vector Ch23
vector? Ch23
vector-fill! Ch23
vector->list Ch23
vector-length Ch23
vector-ref Ch23
vector-set! Ch23
word Ch5
word? Ch6
word, empty Ch5
Wright, Matthew Ch13
write Ch22

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