I am a Senior Scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (Applied Mathematics and Computational Research Division) and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of EECS (CS Division) at UC Berkeley.

I work on high-performance graph analysis and libraries, parallel sparse matrix computations, communication-avoiding algorithms, with applications in machine learning and computational genomics.

Up-to-date information about current projects, students, and postdocs can be found in my research team's website: PASSION Lab.

I am also the Director of Sparsitute, a DOE Mathematical Multifaceted Integrated Capability Center (MMICC) focusing on sparse computations.

At LBNL, I am part of the Performance and Algorithms and Computational Biosciences groups. At UC Berkeley, I am part of the SLICE lab.

Previously, I was an Alvarez Fellow.

My unusually shallow genealogy includes only three lineal ascendants. You can pronounce my first name like this. The "ı" in my first name is a lowercase dotless i ({\i} in LaTeX, ı in HTML and U+0131 in UTF-8).

You can contact me at