Selected Presentations

Interviews and Articles About Richard Newton

Taking his Place Among the Best and the Brightest, EDA Cafe, November 2003 (Peggy Aycinena)

A Dean's Journey: Richard Newton Looks Ahead (pdf), from The Graduate, 2003 (Dick Corten)
About Dean A. Richard Newton
(multimedia message from the Dean)
Engineering Applied to Societal Problems: A New Outlook (pdf)
IEEE Design and Test Magazine, September 2004
2003 Phil Kaufman Award Announcement, October 2003
(multimedia presentation of award)
A World-Changing View of Engineering, EE Times, January 2004 (Richard Goering)
EDA Award Winner Casts Eye on Developing World, EE Times, October 2003 (Richard Goering)
'What' to Precede 'How' in Design, EE Times, December 2000 (Richard Goering)
For Women Execs, 'Balance' is a Myth EE Times, June 2003 (Brian Fuller)
University of Melbourne, 150th Anniversary, May 2003

   Berkeley Engineering

Great Works for the 21st Century (with Tom Kalil, Haas School of Business, October 2004) (pdf)
Cheaper, Cleaner, Safer: Our Global Energy Future
(Dean's Society, Fremont, CA March 2004) (pdf with notes)
(Information) Technology Essentials for Economic Development
(Berkeley/UNIDO Bridging the Divide 2004, Berkeley, April 2004)
ICT Technology Trends and Opportunities for Sustainable Development
(Bangalore, India, January 2004) (pdf handout)
The Next Digital Revolution & Human Society (Tokyo, February 2002) (pdf--large file!)
CITRIS & Energy
(PEAC, May 2001) (pdf) see also: CITRIS Website
The Next Digital Revolution (Shanghai, November 2001) (pdf)


EDAC Phil Kaufman Award
"The Nobel Prize of EDA"

1994: Dr. Hermann Gummel
1995: Professor Donald O. Pederson
1996: Professor Carver A. Mead
1997: James E. Solomon
1998: Professor Ernest S. Kuh
1999: Professor Hugo De Man
2000: Dr. Paul (Yen-Son) Huang
2001: Professor Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli
2002: Dr. Ronald A. Rohrer
2003: Professor A. Richard Newton
          My acceptance Speech

2004: Joseph B. Costello
2005: Phil Moorby

September 14th, 2001 Presentation
at an International House Sunday Supper (pdf)

Forefront: Dean's Message

Spring 2004: A Global Peace Corps of Engineers
Fall 2004: ICT for Developing Nations
Spring 2005
: Truth in the age of the Internet
Fall 2005: Food for Thought

Other Talks & Presentations
Del-Mar Middle School
 Commencement Address

12 June 2002 (pdf)



Rural Computing in India (Microsoft India Day, August 2004) (pdf)
The Next Major Advance in Chip-Level Design Productivity (Synopsys Interoperability Forum, October 2004) (pdf)
The Gigascale Silicon Research Center (DARPA Kickoff, December 2001) (pdf)
     (see also: GSRC Web Site)
Impact of Web Technologies on EDA System Architectures (ISPD 98, Monterey, April 1998)
Stochastic Optimization with Learning For Complex Problems (SRC Review, March 1998)
EDA and the Net (ICCAD Tutorial, November 1997)
The Revolution in Electronic Design Automation (ASE Keynote, November 1997)
Living with Silicon After the Year 2010 (DARPA ISAT Report, October 1997(with notes)
EDA CEO Panel Slides (Design Automation Conference, June 1997)
Opportunities in Collaborative Design: Microelectronics (DARPA IC&V, February 1997)
Circuit and Logic Issues for Deep Sub-Micron (Introduction for EE290a, Spring 1997)
Network-Enabled Design Technology (Joint EE CS Colloquium, November 1996)
Thoughts on the Behavior of Systems (EE290 Seminar, Berkeley, September 1996)
The Next EDA Revolution (Japan, September 1996)
Technology Trends and Emphasis (Haas Business School, September 1996)

   Education & Research Management

Intellectual Property Creation, Protection, and Dissemination in University-Industry-Government Research Collaboration, (ATSE Nov. 2002, Sydney, Australia) (pdf transcription of presentation)
Crossing the Abyss: Making Innovation in University Research Succeed Commercially, (ICT Outlook Forum, Sydney, September 2003) (pdf handout)
Research Organization in Times of Hyperchange (Rome, June 2001) (pdf)
Evaluating a Job Offer (Berkeley, April 2001) (pdf)
The Future of Silicon Chips and Software
McClymonds High School, Oakland, May 1998)
Women in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (DAC Panel, June 1998)


Of Historical Interest & Background

1995 DAC Keynote Presentation (June, 1995) with associated text. It's hard to follow without the text!
Multi-Chip Module Technologies (September, 1992)
ARPA VLSI Contract Review (October, 1989)
Verification Tutorial (ICCAD, November, 1989)