Compressed Sensing MRI Resources

If you want to explore compressed sensing MRI I would recommend starting with these two papers.



  • Full comics presentation: Here


This is an exercise I made for John Pauly's medical image reconstruction class. It is very intuitive and should be fun. You will learn a lot about compressed sensing MRI by going through it.


This is a workshop I developed with Almir Mutapcic and Mariya Doneva. It is based on the above excercise. The workshop consists of slides and accompanying code. I recomend that you first do the above excercise before looking at the code.

  • Slides

  • Code demo1.m demo2.m are used in part 1 of the workshop and demo3.m and demo4.m in part 2.



  • SparseMRI Software package. Has examples and demos how to implement compressed sensing MRI reconstructions.


  • Interview after the ISMRM plenary talk in 2012

  • The Pearl report: A video on Dave Donoho, sparsity and compressed sensing

  • Talk about compressed sensing MRI given at the Neuroimaging Training Program at UCLA 07182012