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Fuzzy Set: 1965 … Fuzzy Logic: 1973 … BISC: 1990 … Human-Machine Perception: 2000 - …



List of Reviewers


Mokhtar Beldjehem,  P.-Eng., M.Sc., Ph.D.
St-Ann's University, Halifax, NS, Canada
Hybrid(FL, NN, EA) Learners, Fuzzy Relational Calculus (including Fuzzy Relation Equations), Fuzzy Clustering, Fuzzy Approximation, Validation and Verification, Soft Computing in Software Engineering


Arkady Borisov, Prof.,

Institute of Information Technology

Riga Technical University

1 Kalku Str., Riga LV-1658, Latvia


-Methods and algorithms for fuzzy and crisp inductive decision trees;

-Generation of crisp and fuzzy if-then classification rules;

-Gene expression and protein expression analysis (bioinformatics) with the help of data mining tools.



Energy and Environment Research Group - GIEMA School of Mechanical Engineering Universidad Industrial de Santander-UIS. Cra 27 con Calle 9, Ciudad Universitaria, Bucaramanga-COLOMBIA

PBX: (57)-7-6344000 Ext: 2814; Fax: (57)-7-6451136



Fuzzy Logic Applications, Soft computing, Automatic Control and diagnosis, Possibility Theory Applications, Machine Learning, High Performance Applications and e-Science



Gautam Dasgupta, Professor

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

Columbia University

Mail code: 4709

620 Selley W. Mudd

500 West 120 Street

New York, NY 10027-6699

Tel: (212)-854-3102; Fax: (212)-854-6267



Civil and Environmental Engineering



Dostαl Petr, Prof. Ing. CSc.

Professor of Economy and Management

Brno University of Technology

Faculty of Business and Management

Institute of Informatics

Czech Republic



Soft Computing, Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Algorithms and Theory of Chaos focused on applications in Business and Public Services



Antonio Dourado

University of Coimbra



real-time learning, evolving fuzzy systems, intelligent control



Dr. Kitikorn Dowpiset

Director of DBA in business Management and Informatics


fuzzy relations, information security management and information risk management and soft skills for IT

Alireza Fatehi, Assistant Professor
Advanced Process Automation & Control (APAC) research group

Faculty of Electrical Eng. K. N. Toosi University of Technology

Tel: +98-21-84062207;  Fax: +98-21-88462066



fuzzy control systems, fuzzy modeling, GA in fuzzy system design and neuro-fuzzy systems


Hans W. Gottinger
Applied decision theory incl.statistical decision theory, Economic mechanism design, Mathematical modeling in economics, Applied game theory

Prof. dr. Raimundas Jasinevicius

KTU Informatikos fakultetas

Studentu g. Nr.50-204a

LT-51368 Kaunas

Tel.: +370-37 300390, +370-610 03933

el. pastas:


General fuzzy space-time systems theory and control

Vladimir Jotsov, Professor
PhD in Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence
Doctor of Science in Information Security
Chair of IEEE IM/CS/SMC Joint Chapter of Bulgaria (2003 and 2009 IEEE Outstanding Chapter Awardee)
Head of Department Communications and Security State University for Library Studies and Information Technologies
P.O. Box 161, Sofia 1113 Bulgaria, EU
Mobile: (+359) 898 828 678
fuzzy agent/ontology applications, 'creative' systems, knowledge discovery and data mining, evolutionary computation, evolutionary proofs: from hypothesis to formal theories, computational discovery, knowledge elicitation & granulation, human-computer interaction (synergy), machine learning w/o teacher, critical learning via conflict resolution, fusion of logical and statistical data/web mining results, (neuro-)fuzzy applications in security systems


Witold Kinsner, Ph.D., P.Eng., F.EIC, F.EC

Professor  &  Associate Head 

75A Chancellors Circle; Room E2-390

Dept. Electrical & Computer Engineering

University of Manitoba

Office: (204) 474-6490;  Fax: (204) 261-4639



Residence: (204) 233-3671

Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 5V6

Mobile (cell): (204) 797-7245


Ham Radio: VE4WK


-Cognitive informatics;

-Cognitive machines and systems;


-Fractal and multifractals measures and metrics;

-Dynamical systems and chaos;

-Signal processing;

-Real-time computing engines.


Donald H. Kraft
Computer Science
Colorado Technical University

Colorado Springs, CO 80907. USA.
(719) 481-4843 Voice
information retrieval, operations research, and evolutionary computing

Vladik Kreinovich

Department of Computer Science

University of Texas at El Paso

500 W. University El Paso, TX 79968, USA


Office phone: (915) 747-6951;  Fax: (915) 747-5030

Interval computations, intelligent control (including fuzzy and neural approaches), reasoning under uncertainty

Dr. Sanchita Mal-Sarkar

Cleveland State University

2121 Euclid Avenue, BU 345 Cleveland, OH 44115-2214

Phone: 216.523.7524;  Fax: 216.687.5448


network security, bio-computing, grid computing, fault-tolerant networks, soft/ granular computing, risk management, software engineering, embedded systems, wireless sensor networks and intelligent system design and maintenance

Eunika Mercier-Laurent

Founder of EML Conseil Knowledge Management, France

Tel: +33 (0);  Fax: +33 (0)

constraint programming, optimization, resource planning, simulation, Knowledge Management, Management of the Innovation process (simulation, verification of relative constraints such as environmental...)

Hiroshi Nakajima, Ph.D.

OMRON Corporation


-Intelligent systems

- Fuzzy logic and Soft computing in industrial applications

- Causal Analysis

- Health management and healthcare system

- Socially intelligent agent

- Software agent



Dr. Mikio Nakatsuyama
Honorary Professor
Yamagata University, Japan
5-3-35 Toori, Yonezawa , 992-0025, Japan
Conscience and Feelings of Human Brain from the point of view of the theory of evolution

Dr. Daniel Neagu
Senior Lecturer in Computing

Department of Computing School of Computing, Informatics and Media

University of Bradford BD7 1DP UK

Tel: ++44 (0)1274 235704 Fax: ++44 (0)1274 233920



fuzzy data mining, neuro-fuzzy and hybrid intelligent systems


Assoc. Prof. Natalia Nikolova, PhD
Decision Making and Risk Analysis
Dept. Economics and Management
Technical University - Varna
1 Studentska Str.
9010 Varna, Bulgaria
Tel/Fax: +359 52 383670
Mobile: +359 899 908365

quantitative decision analysis

simulation modelling

risk analysis and uncertainty quantification

statistical pattern recognition

mathematical modelling

Olga Poleshchuk

Moscow State Forest University

141005, 1st Institutskaya, 1

Mytischi, Moscow Region, Russia
fuzzy sets, semantic spaces, fuzzy regression analysis,
expert evaluation models, decision-making problem

Stuart Rubin, Ph.D.
Tel. (619) 553-3554
Fx. (619) 553-1130
fuzzy generalization and/or analogy

Francesca Rossi
Full professor of Computer Science

Dipartimento di Matematica Pura ed Applicata

Universita' di Padova Via Trieste 63, 35121 Padova, Italy



Tel: (39) 049-8271482;  Fax: (39) 049-8271392

constraint reasoning, fuzzy constraints, preference reasoning, multi-agent preference aggregation, computational social choice.


Prof. Uziel Sandler

Chair, Dept. of Computational Chemistry,

Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT)

21 Havaad Haleumi str.

91160 Jerusalem, Israel

Tel. +972-2-6751189;  Fax. +972-2-6751179


Fuzzy dynamics, evolution of perceptions, fuzzy differential

equations and inclusions, fuzzy methods in physics and neuro-science



Professor Georgios E. Stavroulakis,

Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece

engineering applications of fuzzy logic, especially related to fuzzy finite elements and computational mechanics as well as fuzzy / neurofuzzy control of smart systems



Apostolos Syropoulos

366, 28th October Str.

GR-671 00 Xanthi, GREECE


Web-page at

Blogs at

category theory, computability theory and logic



Raja Tanveer Iqbal
Software developer/ research analyst Microsoft Ad Center Marketplace research team
web search, data mining and online advertising



Christine Wahmkow

Fachhochschule Stralsund

University of Applied Sciences

Fachbereich Maschinenbau

Informatik im Maschinenbau

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christine Wahmkow

Zur Schwedenschanze 15

18435 Stralsund


- Dynamical systems solved by neural network, fuzzy logic or hybrid

- Model Prediction Control loop


Shu Zhao
Associate Professor, PHD
School of Computer Science and Technology
Anhui University
No.3 Feixi Road, Hefei, Anhui Province, P.R.China, 230039
machine learning, granular computing, neural network, quotient space theory, fuzzy set

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Fuzzy Set: 1965 … Fuzzy Logic: 1973 … BISC: 1990 … Human-Machine Perception: 2000 - …