{ Yifan, Wu }

Yifan Wu

I am PhD student at UC berkeley working with Prof. Joe Hellerstein and Prof. Eugene Wu on declarative interactive data visualization systems, exploring data-centric programming models.

Recently, we investigated consistency in the interactive visualization context, and how a declarative visual interaction language grounded in the relational model could help deal with the problem. The paper is here, and I gave a short talk at HILDA Jun 2016 ( slides) and another at Strange Loop Sep 2016 (heavily animated slides). We are currently developing the proposed API/library/system/language.

Another project we are exploring is the automatic generation of interative visualizations based on past SQL queries, modeled as a multi-objective graph problem.

You could email (firstnamelastname@berkeley.edu) or tweet me to talk about big data visualization and exploration!

Misc: I summarize interesting papers I read here. I write long, short, and 140 chars posts. I take pictures and read books. I received my A.B. in Computer Science from Harvard College in 2014. CV.