Level II

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This project is partially supported by NSF TRUST Center at UC Berkeley, ARO MURI W911NF-06-1-0076, Startup Funds from University of Texas at Dallas, Tampere University of Technology, and Telecom Italia Laboratory.

Personal Network Layer
System Architecture

We have designed and implemented a local sensor network that integrates a mobile phone device with wireless body sensors and a positioning sensor (GPS). This system significantly improves mobility by connecting the Tmote base station to a Nokia N800 phone via a USB port. The motion sensors and biosensors worn on the body transmit data to the base station, which supports persistent monitoring of human activities in both indoor and outdoor environments.

We hav demonstrated the relevance of this sytem in healthcare-oriented applications. Particularly, we show that the system enhances the ability to monitor movements and their positions. Furthermore, it makes room for new functionalities such as air particle sensors to detect airborne particle matter (air pollution) encountered on a daily route. This work opens up an array of possibilities to the revolutionary alliance between wearable sensor networks and the healthcare industry.

SPINE: Signal Processing in Node Environment

We adopt an open-source software framework called SPINE to manage the configuration of heterogeneous body sensors and the communication between the sensors and the base station.

SPINE is written and supported by Telecom Italia Laboratory. It enables efficient implementations of signal processing algorithms for analysis and classification of sensor data through libraries of processing and utility functions and protocols.

To download SPINE releases, please visit: http://spine.tilab.com/


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