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Accession Number003047614
AuthorIoannidis YE. Wong E.
InstitutionDept. of Elect. Eng. & Comput. Sci., California Univ., Berkeley, CA, USA.
EditorKerschberg L.
TitleAn algebraic approach to recursive inference.
SourceProceedings from the First International Conference on Expert Database Systems. Benjamin/Cummings. 1987, pp.295-309. Menlo Park, CA, USA.
Date of Publication1987
Country of PublicationUSA.
Conference InformationCharleston, SC, USA. Univ. South Carolina. 1-4 April 1986.
AbstractRecursion in the database context has traditionally been studied under the formalism of 1-st order logic. In particular, the bulk of the research effort in the last few years has been devoted to recursive Horn clauses. The authors reformulate the recursion problem in operator form. The relational operators are embedded in a partially ordered semiring with identity. This algebraic structure so obtained enables them to get more information about the mechanics of recursion. One of this is that they have been able to obtain a significant decomposition theorem for recursive queries. (4 References).
Abstract NumberC88008582
Subject HeadingsDatabase theory. Formal logic. Knowledge engineering. Relational databases.
Key Phrase Identifiersrecursive inference; database; 1-st order logic; recursive Horn clauses; relational operators; partially ordered semiring; decomposition theorem; recursive queries.
Classification CodesArtificial intelligence [C1230]; Database theory [C4250]; Relational databases [C6160D]; Expert systems and other AI software and techniques [C6170].
TreatmentTheoretical or mathematical.
ISBN0 8053 3271 5.
Publication TypeConference Paper.
Update Code198800.

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