Wenshuo Guo


I am a third year PhD student in computer science at University of California, Berkeley, advised by Michael I. Jordan. I am also fortunate to work with Benjamin Recht. My research is supported by a Google Ph.D. Fellowship, and a Berkeley Graduate Fellowship. I am affiliated with Berkeley AI Research (BAIR) and RISE Lab.

My research broadly investigates in algorithms and machine learning foundations, with a focus on robustness guarantees and societal impact. I am also very interested in the intersection of CS and economics. My recent focuses have been on mechanism design, causal inference, and statistical questions in reinforcement learning.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science triple majored in physics, computer science and mathematics from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. I am very grateful for the mentorship of Kwok Yip Szeto, Dit-Yan Yeung and Mordecai J. Golin who guided me to research on statistical physics, machine learning and graph theory.

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Email:   wguo AT cs DOT berkeley DOT edu
Office:   523 Soda Hall, Berkeley, CA 94709

I am happy to chat about research and the best way to reach me is by email.


In my spare time I enjoy working and thinking philosophically about research questions. Outside research, I like running, hiking, music, reading books. I had a great time participating in the Berkeley Half Marathon, and being a mezzo-soprano at UC Berkeley University Choir. I also enjoy playing the piano, writing classical Chinese poems from time to time, and being an amateur photographer mostly taking snaps of the lovely nature.